Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Stores are open around-the-clock for last-minute shoppers looking for the perfect gift.
2:44 | 12/24/12

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Transcript for Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas
Now to the mad dash to the mall. Race against time. This kres mas eve for the millions of people not finished shopping. I might be among them. Abc's john sffen is in the middle of it all in the big toys "r" us store in times square. Can I give you a list? It' not too bad inside. For all the procrastinators who have not checked off the shopping lists just yet, you and we have really done it again. But this year, you might have the upper hand. Finding the best deals by waiting until the last minute. As we look inside, people are going in right now, you can see inside this store, there are not many people. This could be a good time to head to the stores. ♪ did you find everything okay? Reporter: With just hours until christmas, the madness at the mall is in full swing. The strategy is to come earlier. A little bit. You know, have a good list. Gift cards are the strategy. Reporter: As frenzied masses flood the shopping centers today, hunt for the perfect gift, and troll for bargains. You spend $100, you get $25 off. Reporter:10% of americans have waited until now to buy the final item. Why? Gnat is a good question. I question my wife would be better answering for me. Itor me. I do it quick and efficiently. Reporter: If you have the pie peace of mind to do the shopping today, there are deals. It's a great time to come out. You start to hand out the discounts because they don't want the excess inventory. Reporter: Some chains have embraced shopping marathon mentalities. The toys "r" us times square location has been opened if more than 500 hours straight, closing finally at 10:00 tonight. If you have had it with crowds and scores, there's hope on the web. A gift card, an e-book and online sup description is easy. You could pull the, I left my gift at home card, and wait until the 26th to shop. Reporter: Unlike black friday, a lot of people had to wait online for hours for the dealbusters. Many of the deals will not expire. Wait until "gma" is over, then come to the stores.

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{"id":18054102,"title":"Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas","duration":"2:44","description":"Stores are open around-the-clock for last-minute shoppers looking for the perfect gift.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-christmas-gift-ideas-rush-purchase-perfect-gift-18054102","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}