5-Minute Fixes for Your Marriage

Redbook magazine reveals quick tips on how you can improve your relationship as part of "GMA's" "Secrets to a Better Marriage" series.
3:36 | 06/21/16

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Transcript for 5-Minute Fixes for Your Marriage
five life minute fixes for your relationship. Could a little extra time make all the difference? ABC's Mary Bruce has the latest. Reporter: Meet Tracy burem Kagan and her husband Ben, devoted parents to Ethan. He's growing to be his own person. Reporter: While life is good mom and dad admit finding time for each other is no walk in the park. "Redbook" offers insightful guidance to reconnect in "6 ways to strengthen your marriage in 5 minutes or less". Just doing the little things, little easy things can make a huge difference in the way that you're connecting with your partner. Reporter: We asked Tracy and Ben to try them out. We'll see how it goes. Reporter: First use technology to tune in to each other. Rather than isolating yourself on your phone or computer scroll through happy family photos together. Definitely good way to connect. Reporter: Next try turning up that love song. ♪ We just finished our dancing to our wedding song from nine years ago. Reporter: There's Reading aloud to each other. And their quest was as epic as indy's search are to the arc of the cough haven't. Watching something funny together? We'll pull up jimmy Kimmel stuff. Feeling stressed take five minutes to yourself so you don't take it out on your spouse. I got to catch up on Twitter during some coffee and get charged for the day. Reporter: Finally work it out. Starting your day with a little exercise can make you feel better about yourself and act better. Energizing you and your relationship. I think that it calls me to be in a much better mood. So I think that works. Reporter: The results, it's just a reminder to focus on yourself or to focus on each other, doesn't have to be this big thing. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Mary Bruce, ABC news, Fairfax, Virginia. And we're joined but author and relationship expert Demetria Lucas d'oyley and so we saw some of the recommended quick fixes. One was to use technology. When should you tune in, when should you tune out? I think it's awesome if you use technology to text your spouse during the day, hey, I miss you, thinking about you, but tune out when it comes to getting on social media. You don't need to follow their every update. Talk to them instead of following them on Facebook or Twitter or instagram. And what's the best way to go about taking that time-out when you might have had a heated conversation? I think the old-fashioned rues still works. Take a walk. Take a walk, you know, run to the grocery store and pick up those eggs that are actually already in the fridge. That's very good advice. What do you suggest the first thing couples should do in the morning? Instead of jumping out of bed and returning off to the bathroom just lay for a minute. Catch up on, you know, what your plans are or the day, what you have in store, what the kids need, just take a moment for yourselves. And how do you find the right fix that will work for you Ar relationship. Every one is different. One of the best things about marriage and the worst is to one right way to do it so you have to try different things to work for you. I love there's new research out, something that maybe we've known all along that housework actually helps create intimacy. I have said don't bring home roses but a bottle of windex and pitch in and see what happens. Revolutionary idea. Women want more help around the house. Who knew? It actually leads to good things for you men. Yes, very good things in the bedroom. Yeah, I don't know if we needed to point that out but that might be obvious. When it comes to sex, the general rule of thumb. As often as you possibly can. Men everywhere are loving you Demetria. On that note let's head outside

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{"id":40004427,"title":"5-Minute Fixes for Your Marriage","duration":"3:36","description":"Redbook magazine reveals quick tips on how you can improve your relationship as part of \"GMA's\" \"Secrets to a Better Marriage\" series.","url":"/GMA/video/minute-fixes-marriage-40004427","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}