Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions

Check out some potential toy ideas that are buzzing this holiday season.
1:41 | 12/19/15

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Transcript for Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions
Test Text1 plain Welcome back, everyone. Still haven't finished your Christmas shopping we are here to help buying toys for the little ones can seem like a daunting task. We have narrowed it down to a handful of must have gifts. And we have an expert here. Jordan, what have you got? Some of these are making precarious noises. Fully interactive this holiday season. Everything is about playing with the kids. Okay, look, I'll give you a quick download on the hottest toys. Right here the hulk avengers smash car. This car is fantastic. Remote control. You warned me about it. Have fun with it and be careful. Just put -- Guaranteed to terrify all the small children. It terrified mom, as well. Lego is the perennial favorite. Every year Lego sets get hotter and hotter. "Star wars" is dominating the field this year. As well as hasbro's brand-new for real pets. This is the magical star Lilly unicorn. Wait a second. You just pet it. You pet it. You can feed it. It comes alive. It is fantastic. Great for girls of all ages and F furbacca. Like chewbacca. The Furby craze, they updated it with an updated "Star wars" theme. Backpack buddies, perfect at major retailers. Us can use them for kids for sleepovers. Great. Fantastic. Put one on. Fantastic. You can put pajamas in here and snacks and everything. They're cute. When it doubt just buy "Star wars" because everyone wants it this year. Dan, come over and get it. I know you want it more than your son does. Jordan, thank you very much. Coming up, the total

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{"duration":"1:41","description":"Check out some potential toy ideas that are buzzing this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35858717","title":"Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Suggestions","url":"/GMA/video/minute-holiday-gift-giving-suggestions-35858717"}