Woman's Serial Killer Claims Can't Be Verified: Investigators

FBI and police question Miranda Barbour's claims about committing 20 killings.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Woman's Serial Killer Claims Can't Be Verified: Investigators
morning about a teenager who claims to be a satanic serial killer responsible for more than 20 murders. Investigators are now saying that her story cannot be verified. Here's ABC's Mara schiavocampo. Reporter: Miranda, did you really kill 22 people? Tuesday Miranda Barbour met with local officials in sunburry, Pennsylvania, but she did not provide any information about her shocking claims of being a serial killer. In an explosive jailhouse interview with the local newspaper last week, the newlywed and young mom confessed to killing, quote, less than 100 people in several states starting at just 13 when she joined a satanic cult saying, "When I hit 22, I stopped counting." She looked at me dead square in the eyes and said this so matter of factually that if I were in law enforcement I would take it seriously. Reporter: And they are. Authorities in California, north Carolina, Alaska and Pennsylvania have already started looking for any evidence to verify those chilling claims. Our investigators have been in contact with law enforcement officers from other states and with the FBI. Reporter: Barbara and her husband of just three week, 22-year-old elytte Barbour are being held without bail. They say they killed a Pennsylvania man simply for fun. Barbour's attorney filed paperwork asking she be spared the death penalty. Officials in Alaska and Pennsylvania note that so far in their states they have not been able to verify any of Barbour's claims. She'll be in court again for a pretrial hearing next week and should note both Barbour and her husband have mrooeded not guilty to the craigslist murder.

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{"id":22577760,"title":"Woman's Serial Killer Claims Can't Be Verified: Investigators","duration":"3:00","description":"FBI and police question Miranda Barbour's claims about committing 20 killings.","url":"/GMA/video/miranda-barbour-claims-she-is-serial-killer-who-killed-20-people-cant-be-verified-22577760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}