Miranda Lambert Launches New Album

The country music superstar dishes on her new album and life in the spotlight.
3:58 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Miranda Lambert Launches New Album
I know. Grammy-winning superstar, megastar, Miranda lambert has two top-ten songs. A brand-new album out today. It is called "Platinum." She and Blake Shelton, the reigning country couple. Best female and male vocalists at the cmas. Miranda lambert, ladies and gentlemen. How are you? I'm good. How are you? Looking good. You have a new album coming out. Finally. "Platinum." I saw your shoes. It was an ode to "Platinum." Tell people what "Platinum" means to you. It's a lifestyle word for me, at this point. There's a song on the record called "Platinum." It's a hair color. Everything that was silver is now platinum. Anytime we see silver, it's platinum. And it's diamonds and blonde hair and fun stuff. Do you get as excited as your fans when it's the drop day, that it's coming out finally? Oh, yeah. I got an hour's sleep. I was so excited and couldn't sleep. And just anxious. And ready for people to hear it. This one is really personal because you co-wrote or wrote a number of the songs. And there's a lot of people that were asking on our Twitter account, what inspired you with this? What was your inspiration for this music? Just the last three years. Living and going through things. Turning 30. It kind of explains where I am right now at 30 years old. Every song on this record, has a piece of who I am right now, today. We saw you and Carrie, recently at the billboard. That was such a performance. You've won grammys. You have millions of fans. And you were worried about asking her to do a duet with you, Carrie? Absolutely. She's a great artist and vocalist. I wanted it to be the right song. Here's my one shot to ask her. It's got to be right. It's so fun performing with her. It's a blast. You know? Girl power. It was a rot of girl power. Something bad was up there. And she tweeted out the picture of what you sent her, the gift, the motorcycle. Yes. She was wanting a motorcycle. And I wanted to get her something for all of the work she had put in, singing on the record, doing performances. And so, I was like, okay. You have to learn how to drive this thing. She's been practicing. I can't wait. She's going to look hot on that thing. You know what looks hot? The cover of "Rolling stone." The first country music edition of this. And you, my friend, are on the cover. Can we show you? Have you seen this yet? "Rolling stone." Look at that. I've seen a cell phone picture of it. It's creepy. It's surreal that it's actually happening. They're getting involved with country music. They have a website devoted to that. What does it feel like to know you're the first one on that cover? It's crazy. It's like I -- I want to physically hold the magazine. I don't believe it. It's happening. I'm on the cover of "Rolling stone." That's what every musician dreams of. You know you've made it. You have made it. And I want to ask you this quickly. You've always been very up front. You look great. And you have always said, doesn't matter, size doesn't matter. Who you are. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. Really send that message I feel like people should embrace who no matter whatsiz tor tall, whatever color. Matters. Myself. Sometimes it's hard. But yoknow, I just feel like I've always been about being whatever's -- I said I don't

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{"id":23971668,"title":"Miranda Lambert Launches New Album","duration":"3:58","description":"The country music superstar dishes on her new album and life in the spotlight.","url":"/GMA/video/miranda-lambert-interview-2014-singer-launches-album-platinum-23971668","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}