Miss America Discusses Realizing She'd Won Competition

Mallory Hagan reveals what she felt the moment she heard her name announced as the winner.
3:34 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for Miss America Discusses Realizing She'd Won Competition
Just bring -- Johnston and -- -- let me. -- -- this Sunday what you do doesn't -- earlier we had. Here is it all play here I think you have OK -- eyewitness I want the scoop here. About it. And congratulations but hey Samuel. -- -- great he asked some really and really tough. Question to ask some very good situation -- questions like if you were Miss America -- -- -- in this situation what would you do. And I thought that cap and it was a great judges took it very seriously and that's very important that the long. Tough job I'd I spoke to them -- -- couple -- up their Las Vegas and as Sam said. And he knew it was a comprehensive thing but. -- simply this that two full time jobs at this poignant and still has -- long week so it's. It didn't feel like the culmination of a remarkable process it did on the hot I -- I shared with a few people that I started but I was thirteen hemispheric organization itself I did four years of their team program that's meant to feed into the -- program. At that I did four years in this programs I'm really on the embodiment of what has their carbon emissions -- for young women and the video here and I'm. One of the things that I thought Josh is so amazing and now Moriarty knew this about the organization but I didn't 45 million dollars in scholarships to young women last. Here the world's largest deliver -- that -- -- -- my network of scholarships to young women I mean an end your education. -- my education is now officially pay for -- -- from now on I got 50000 dollars examining his official sponsor so. After this year I'll be able to finish my education and then. Move on to Mike Richards and -- -- both of out. -- -- very passionate about your platform right. It is what it -- it stop it now child sexual abuse and everything that I'm so passionate about that as it's something that the fact that many of the women my family and fortunately it didn't happen to me about it. It's something that has kind of surrounded our lives and so I really think it's important to educate children. On the ways that they can be proactive in the ways that they can understand what's going on their household and they can speak up that something's not right. He's just -- 2000 under head is. I can't even think about being the you also have to be a magician yeah -- will do that was part of our interview will. Honestly how does it how that eventually -- out if there are a lot of clips but do -- -- and I thought it was the last six and Clinton and -- Look seriously -- about one more time ladies wanna go back to we have the picture because this to me and I know this is the first time I was a judge on extra special. How about you the picture when she won. Or the video when she won. Her -- we don't have -- again we can't run into your face to me was so priceless. Genuine in that moment do you remember anything about that homeowners and a giant -- I just remember thinking that. My life wasn't gonna change forever and bears they're mean they're -- -- -- -- will never made his fame. -- -- -- America has so many opportunities open up for you so many doors and knowing that I get my education was paid for it was just a remarkable feeling and I could have been Moncrief -- Also again I would say it's not as -- your lights in the won't be the same. But there are so many young -- -- won't be the same stop but now what a wonderful thing you're doing here congratulations. Some. Events this. I don't Miss America and.

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{"id":18212418,"title":"Miss America Discusses Realizing She'd Won Competition","duration":"3:34","description":"Mallory Hagan reveals what she felt the moment she heard her name announced as the winner.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-2013-interview-mallory-hagan-discusses-realizing-18212418","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}