Miss America organization cleans house

The CEO and other top officers resigned following outrage from former pageant winner over vulgar emails.
2:09 | 12/24/17

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Transcript for Miss America organization cleans house
The shakeup at the miss America organization. Top officers turning in resignations after reports of crude e-mails about past winners. Marci Gonzalez had more from the Los Angeles. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Dan marndy. Major changes at the pageant after outrage and demands from former winners who now say this is just the beginning. Miss America, the stage is yours. Reporter: This morning, calls for more changes at the miss America organization. As the man at the center of the paneln't scandal steps down. Hi, I'm Sam Haskell. Reresigning after leaked e-mails from 2014 show sexist, crude, and demeaning comments about former winners. Including miss America 2013. Miss New York. Reporter: Belittled in the e-mails about her love life and weigh. It's been a pretty awesome day. Reporter: Celebrating his resignation on twit person after e-mails he said were conveniently edited. The pageant chairman and another board member stepped down, along with Josh Randal. He said over two months before my employment began, I inappropriately responded to an e-mail send to my personal account. I apologize to Mallory for my lapse in judgment. A petition signed by more than 50 former miss America competitors. It's time for something new. You know, let's just take a mull began and, and let a new group of people step in and lead us into the future. Reporter: And Haskell said in a statement his character was being attacked daily which impaired his judgment in responding to inappropriate e-mails. His resignation is effective immediately. While Randle and the other board members stay on for the transition.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The CEO and other top officers resigned following outrage from former pageant winner over vulgar emails.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51977515","title":"Miss America organization cleans house","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-organization-cleans-house-51977515"}