Miss Teen Delaware's Alleged X-Rated Nightmare

Some say this girl next door may have a shocking past with legal issues and x-rated videos.
2:05 | 03/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Miss Teen Delaware's Alleged X-Rated Nightmare
with the story of a beauty queen that looked like she has a bright future ahead of her until a racy video surfaced and forced her to give up the crown. Reporter: On stage at the miss delaware teen usa pageant, melissa king 'pyred to be the ultimate girl next door. The gymnast who said she wanted to work at a fashion magazine after college, wowed the crowd and the judges, taking home the crown and a spot at the miss teen usa pageant. She says if you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve Reporter: This morning, she's waking up in the middle of a night mare, after this video surfaced online. Beauty pageants? I've done them, yes. Reporter: The video features a woman who appears to be king. It goes on to be x-rated. She denied it is her. But she resigned her position. The producers released additional video that appears to be king reading a release form prior to this in may. I melissa king am doing the scene of my own free will. Reporter: She's wanted by police in maryland on two outstanding warrants including possession of alcohol by a minor and theft. Charges she never shared with officials. They hope king will surrender herself and take care of her outstanding legal issues. We live in an extraordinarily transparent world. It's very naive to think you'll do something so public and not have it show up again. Reporter: King has refused to comment to abc news. Many wonder if the girl next door was someone else entirely behind closed doors. I didn't tell anybody what i was doing. Reporter: For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. Paula, we thank you. Coming up, the newest

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{"id":18655211,"title":"Miss Teen Delaware's Alleged X-Rated Nightmare","duration":"2:05","description":"Some say this girl next door may have a shocking past with legal issues and x-rated videos.","url":"/GMA/video/miss-teen-delawares-alleged-rated-videos-melissa-king-18655211","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}