Smart on Missing Women Found Alive: Proof of Happy Endings

Elizabeth Smart and John Walsh discuss the three women found alive after being missing for 10 years.
4:44 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Smart on Missing Women Found Alive: Proof of Happy Endings
We can only imagine what those three women going through but there's somebody who probably does. Elizabeth smart is joining us now along with john walsh, creator and former host of "america's most wanted." Good morning to you both and thank you so much for being with us. I want to get your initial reaction, both of you when you heard this story, john. I did cartwheels. So very, very often the persons that are missing don't come back alive and to see those three women and that young child last night get out of that house, get out of that nightmare, just i did cartwheels when I heard it. It's a fantastic ending to three sets of families who have been desperate to find their loved ones. And for you, elizabeth? I am just so overjoyed. So happy to hear another happy ending and I think there's proof that really are more happy endings out there and it just needs me to have constant vigilance, constantly have our eyes and ears open because miracles do happen and there are happy endings out there waiting to help that's why you must never lose hope, elizabeth, you're one of a handful of people who have an idea of what these women are experiencing. Just give us some insight what it must be like for them to be reunited with their families this morning. I probably can't even begin to speculate. All I can think of is joy, relief, happiness, gratitude. But at the same time I think it is so important to respect their privacy, to try to help give them every chance they can to find their own way, to find their own pathway back to some sense of well-being. Yeah, time -- time is of essence for them and I'm sure it's time they need. John, elizabeth alluded to it earlier too about hope and there are many families who have children that are missing and not just children, I mean these were older young women. One was over 20 when she was taken. But it does give families that sense of, you know, what about us? Maybe it could happen for us, though it is very rare. The not knowing is the real nightmare, but last night we saw two real heroes. We saw amanda, amanda berry reach out of that door. You could hear her -- you could hear the chilling terror in her 911 call but she reaches out that door and charles ramsey, a man passing by and I always say this, the public so many times is reluctant to help. So many times turns their back and this man said, he said it in an interview, I'm black, I see a white woman, I think maybe it's a domestic abuse case that i shouldn't get into. He gets up on that porch. He sees this girl's in terrible dire straits. She's got a tiny window to escape from these perverts and he breaks in the door and helps her -- gets her out, gets her to a cell phone and amanda berry's courage and charles ramsey's wonderful, wonderful help, a real hero saved the lives of three women and a little girl. It just shows you that there are heroes out there that will help. Yes, and mr. Ramsey, you're right, is one of them. Thank goodness for him. I know when you returned of after nine months, this man has taken nine months of your life, your mother said, don't give him another minute. What would be your advice to these three young women? It would be the very same advice. It would be to not allow this man to ruin another second of their lives. He'slen so much from them already. They deserve to be happy and i would tell them, I hope that they realize that there is so much ahead of them that they don't need to hold on to the past. They don't need to relive everything that's happened because it's proof their rescue is proof that there are good people out there. More good people out there than not who want the best for them. Who want them to be happy. Who want good things to happen. At's proof that they are strong women to survive this and lastly, john, what would you say to the families this morning who are reunited with their loved ones? These families should celebrate, celebrate the return of their loved ones alive. Go slowly, get the help. Elizabeth will second that. Get the therapy and life will go on and, robin, I'm telling you, I still feel like doing cartwheels because not often do we get these fantastic happy endings. I know the feeling. John walsh, thank you so much. Great advice, as always and elizabeth, your insight is just, well, we thank you both very, very much. You take care as we cartwheel out of here. All right, john and elizabeth.

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Elizabeth Smart and John Walsh discuss the three women found alive after being missing for 10 years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19124050","title":"Smart on Missing Women Found Alive: Proof of Happy Endings","url":"/GMA/video/missing-cleveland-girls-found-alive-families-abducted-women-19124050"}