Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer

New details reveal more about Teleka Patrick, who vanished from the hospital where she worked.
3:00 | 01/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer
First, the strange, new wrinkle in the case of that missing doctor in michigan. Teleka patrick vanished almost a month ago from the hospital where she worked. Now, we're learning she may have been obsessed with a famous singer. And it apparently got so bad that the singer asked police for protection. Abc's tai hernandez is on the story. Good morning. Reporter: Good morning, dan. Patrick's family has hired a private investigator, a new one. They got rid of their old one. The new investigator, jim karlan, believes the foul play is involved with her disappearance. He's going to go back and talk to all the people he knows. And in the end, he believes the case can be solved. It's baffled authorities so far. Imagine you're here with me. Reporter: This morning, the bizarre twist in the case of a michigan doctor who has been missing for almost a month. A private investigator hired by the family says, we may now know who teleka patrick was talking to in these youtube videos, in which she is cooking, buying flowers for and singing to. If you were here, this would be your place. Reporter: A mystery man. ♪ I never could have made it ♪ Reporter: One possibility, grammy winner pastor sapp. Patrick was obsessed with him. Here on "good morning america" that sapp obtained a personal protection order against the 30-year-old psychiatrist, three months before she went missing ON THE NIGHT OF DECEMBER 5th. According to court documents, sapp alleges he has at least 400 pages of correspondence from patrick. She joined his church, went to his home, contacted his children and even referred to sapp as her husband. Friday, sapp released this statement to abc news. Given these previous acts, i have taken several security measures, which have included obtaining a protective order to ensure our safety. I begged her to get mental help. Reporter: Patrick's ex-husband says erratic behavior from patrick is what started the demise of their relationship. Speaking to "inside edition." When I urged her to get help, she told me she didn't need any help and I was trying to destroy her career. Reporter: Patrick's family was shocked when they found out about the protection order. But say it doesn't change the fact that patrick's car was found in a ditch off i-94 with a flat tire, 100 miles from where she worked, with her car keys still inside but no sign of the doctor. Investigators say the evidence in this case does not necessarily point to foul play. But they are working to bring patrick home as quickly as possible. What's really confusing. Interesting, new information. But unclear if it's connected to her disappearance in any way. Whether it's really going to help the investigation go forward. Tai, thank you. Let's get a check of the

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"New details reveal more about Teleka Patrick, who vanished from the hospital where she worked.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21420860","title":"Missing Michigan Doctor May Have Been Obsessed With Famous Singer","url":"/GMA/video/missing-michigan-doctor-obsessed-famous-singer-21420860"}