Husband of Missing Oregon Mom Gives Tearful Plea to 'Stay Strong'

Kallen Huston discusses the circumstances surrounding his wife Jennifer's disappearance.
2:58 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for Husband of Missing Oregon Mom Gives Tearful Plea to 'Stay Strong'
She's she's she's a very devoted. Mother she's a stay at home mom she she makes friends wherever she goes. She's actually pretty involved in the community. And very involved in are our boys have just again to grow up as good as good citizens and she's. Makes a lot of friends wherever she goes. I came home about 53545. She mentioned she needed to run some errands. So she left shortly thereafter. And which you know when -- running errands are not going that far and I was playing with the kids taking care of them dinner etc. and before I knew it was like 93010 o'clock. And that's when I started to get nervous and realized this is a little bit longer than what it would take to run errands. I started reaching out to her friends trying to determine OK -- school you know. Are you would have you seen Jennifer. Has that he had called somebody else have you seen Jennifer. When nobody had seen her. That's when I had to start having that freak out moment and I started calling. Local PD's. Hospitals have -- trying to figure out if there was an accident or something there's no -- so there's no which has no mental. -- disability issues or any history of that -- the only thing she complained about was that she had. She was suffering from headaches. So like the last three days leading up to her and her disappearance on Thursday. And we talked about it briefly it wasn't to the point where it was debilitating. And I don't I don't know what if there was anything there are not that -- that would lead us to -- is some kind of and in conclusion. -- attached -- it was enough to where she mentioned it several days in a row. We're desperate to find her I've I've I've asked all of her close girlfriends. Is there anything that I didn't know about as her husband that I should've known a bow to what -- ships sat with me and I just wasn't high I was clueless to the fact. And everybody says the same thing I everyone that's really close -- and I truly believe this. She would not do this this is very and character like affair she says so devoted to her kids as I -- before she's. She's potty training our little one and she's just she's. -- so regimented with everything that she does she wouldn't she wouldn't -- all of us should she just wouldn't do this everybody that knows or agrees. If there's it. We love you. Please come home if you can. If you if you are being held against your will stay strong. And people are praying for you. Were were fighting to air every angle we can to find you. I love you with the. The boys the boys love you and they and they miss you and I -- -- We're gonna find you.

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{"id":24747874,"title":"Husband of Missing Oregon Mom Gives Tearful Plea to 'Stay Strong'","duration":"2:58","description":"Kallen Huston discusses the circumstances surrounding his wife Jennifer's disappearance.","url":"/GMA/video/missing-oregon-woman-jennifer-huston-interview-husband-kallen-24747874","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}