Misty Copeland: 'Ballet Has to Evolve' or 'It's Not Going to Last'

American Ballet Theatre soloist on efforts to diversify dancers on stage, audience.
3:40 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Misty Copeland: 'Ballet Has to Evolve' or 'It's Not Going to Last'
What does it say about that ballet that there are still so few. African American or faces of color. I -- -- the point now -- classical Alley cats to -- to rest of the world or it's not going to last. And I think that's where we are -- so we have to diversify diversify people on the stage as well as the people in the audience. Because a lot of -- it will -- dinner where you know we -- a black president we have you know. Golfers -- players and why not play he act you know I think that's something that I -- I want to bring whenever I'm given the opportunity. To represent ballet. I want to introduce people to it can don't really know that much I think a lot of people. Don't understand. How separate house separated we are from the rest of the world in terms of arts and and and in terms of fled -- schism and it's always been this way and it doesn't matter that other art forms. There are more diversity that we have a black president or that we have a Tiger Woods in and Venus and Serena Williams -- so separate from all of that. And so much slower to -- fall there's this assumption that black bodies aren't. I know what's the right -- typical for ballet you know I think that along with so many other stereotypes. That's one of them. And -- be. -- answer for people as to why there aren't very many involved. And I think that's kind of been the answer and it is an experienced an excuse but it's you know it's not Schuman. I think that you know -- -- -- before it's just about getting every one. Proper training so that there are more common in Sydney's the top local companies -- it. You know and with any nationality any race -- -- different -- and I know -- the same amount cookie cutters. You know of each other but I think African American women so many of them -- the ideal body type you know when I think of track runners -- Swimmers it's you know it depends on how you -- the body in the muscles and I think they can be molded to fit into whatever vision training for and yet ballet more than any other sports if that's the right. The way of thinking about it. Big -- -- selections based on body type very early -- mean somebody was signed me when I was at the School of American Ballet that you can tell by age six or seven if house and senate how you're gonna develop how the body turns out how the -- turn out things that I had no idea about. I mean they really do care about body absolutely necessary instrument and this is what we have to present on the stage now so everyone's looking. -- but what I have to say about that is that. You know I think it's hard to predict. From looking at child what they're going to become. There's also this idea of your age because you are both young. You're not Donald you're not old you're sort of race in the cut you right in the middle of your career -- You know it's there's so many things that we're constantly thinking about in this field you know you don't have a long career and there's just so many things and I just refuse to get up and has come this far. And I just want you want to keep growing -- EDT is -- I want to be as long as I'm doing classical ballet this is. This is my home so. I'm gonna keep fighting and until the end until I can't anymore I think that. So many people would be let down if I didn't at least try to be the first African American -- principal. In any top company.

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{"id":20787302,"title":"Misty Copeland: 'Ballet Has to Evolve' or 'It's Not Going to Last'","duration":"3:40","description":"American Ballet Theatre soloist on efforts to diversify dancers on stage, audience.","url":"/GMA/video/misty-copeland-ballet-evolve-20787302","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}