McConnell on Judd: 'She's an Out-of-Touch Hollywood Liberal'

The Senate minority leader was caught on tape in a strategy meeting discussing the actress.
3:15 | 04/10/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for McConnell on Judd: 'She's an Out-of-Touch Hollywood Liberal'
That's startling secret tape revealing how the Senate's top Republican was planning to go up for Hollywood star Ashley Judd -- she ran against him. Senator Mitch McConnell is calling -- dirty trick asking the FBI to investigate where it came from an ABC's Jim analysts tracking the controversy from -- -- morning Jim. Good morning -- it's become a matter for the FBI the Fed's responding to a request from senator McConnell to investigate how is private. And politically embarrassing strategy session became so public exposing plans for a cut -- attack on -- Hollywood opponent. I can never anticipate what is going to push me over the edge. This is one of the moments the Senate's top Republican was apparently hoping to use to crush potential political opponent Ashley Judd. Secret recordings just published by Mother Jones Magazine expose one of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell climate strategy sessions. When it looked like actress in Kentucky native Ashley Judd. Might actually run against the powerful red state senator. The February recording revealing potential plans for a very personal political attack. Against the movie star. Six by using her own beliefs and words against her own grandmother says she's -- Hollywood -- McConnell staffers zeroing in -- passages in her book revealing a lifelong struggle with depression. -- -- -- -- Our -- -- -- and laughter can be heard as they discussed using this 2011 interview with John to paint her as unbalanced. I freak out an airport six -- -- came home from a trip I. Absolutely flipped out when I saw pink Fuzzy socks on Iraq. Even her religious beliefs shown here in this -- -- A bit unorthodox for Kentucky's -- McConnell say I enjoy. -- faith practices and and have a very nature based. God concept and I like to think I'm like Saint Francis and that way brother donkey sister bird. There wasn't -- yeah. There it's. Games. -- you question someone's mental health for the religious sensibilities. In a strategy session like that there were bugging our headquarters quite. A nixonian. A move this is what you get from the political left in America -- -- these days when -- Mother Jones Magazine says it didn't make the recording -- won't say who did. -- calling it a Watergate style bugging they say is an accurate Ashley Judd calls the episode evidence of senator McConnell McConnell politics of destruction. She announced last month she's not running for senate perhaps we know now. Why George maybe -- Jamie a mother Jones also had that tape about Mitt Romney that can campaign that 47%. I tape I know that they're saying it wasn't Watergate style which we have any idea at all how the state might have been made. Well it's difficult to tell whether this is a small group this is just as to his strategist in that one room. So it's is that it's. Possible -- one of them leaked it maybe they were angry didn't get paid something like that it's also possible there was a bug in the room that's at least with McConnell people say but there's no evidence of that yet.

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{"id":18921510,"title":"McConnell on Judd: 'She's an Out-of-Touch Hollywood Liberal'","duration":"3:15","description":"The Senate minority leader was caught on tape in a strategy meeting discussing the actress.","url":"/GMA/video/mitch-mcconnell-judd-bugging-allegations-shes-touch-hollywood-18921510","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}