Mitt Romney's Potential Reasons for Passing on Chris Christie for VP

New book "Double Down" says that Romney feared New Jersey governor's temper and medical history.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mitt Romney's Potential Reasons for Passing on Chris Christie for VP
There is -- new book coming out creating a lot of -- complications for New Jersey governor Chris Christie who's in the middle of a reelection campaign. That's right the book is called double down -- as a Republican nominee Mitt Romney consider tapping Christie as a running mate but declined over fears of his. Temper his medical history and is spending so let's bring in George Stephanopoulos. -- -- hosted this week he's got a show coming up this morning. -- is likely to hurt. The governor Chris daisy contemplates. Run for not sure when I think it shows his real tension between Governor Christie and Mitt Romney Mitt Romney's campaign. But Christie is the future Mitt Romney's campaign -- the past that -- didn't -- all kinds of information from his. -- file is pretty clear from this book. They didn't that the governor -- had a lot of questions are Chris Christie said he was you know it's -- killing a blatant -- was arrogant even make fun of his weight. But I don't think so what we're seeing with Governor Christie right now as he is cruising to reelection Tuesday. In new Jersey Republican in a blue state probably going to be the first do Republican give more than 50% in the generation in New Jersey and he hasn't played all about the fact. -- if he wins on Tuesday he will be laying the ground work for possible presidential candidate. Pretty much brushed off the allegations in the -- -- definitely -- don't try to -- looks exactly have a about the talks up the complicated relationship to the president President Clinton as well very interesting book out I also want to talk about the president's. Website that the playing it's not you're gonna get more out of -- due to maintenance extended maintenance problems right now. And this starting to affect the president called. -- no question about it -- his his approval rating right now 42%. Lowest approval rating of his second term so far has been dropping. All through this month and and it fits into a pattern of stories right now but the president is in control he -- know about. The NSA spying on his allies he wasn't aware. Of the problems with the let's say this is -- -- White House is gonna have to turn around. And and it does beg a question of given the fact that the White House -- the president knew how important implementation. -- Affordable Care Act was how did they get so far without knowing how significant problems weren't in. There's been for them HHS secretary Sebelius really to the meeting for congress last week they say it's gonna be up by mid November if that doesn't happen how much trouble with him I think you're gonna. Have to say delay some of the requirements to Affordable Care Act that they insist the White House insists that they are making probably progress on these problems. And the -- their problems will be fixed by the end of November. This among many other topics will be covering on the show coming up thank -- -- -- And be sure to tune into this -- that George Stephanopoulos later this morning joke a George -- -- shows what an -- -- the White House senior advisor Dan -- and Republican senator Rand Paul.

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{"id":20768231,"title":"Mitt Romney's Potential Reasons for Passing on Chris Christie for VP","duration":"3:00","description":"New book \"Double Down\" says that Romney feared New Jersey governor's temper and medical history.","url":"/GMA/video/mitt-romneys-potential-reasons-passing-chris-christie-vp-20768231","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}