Moms-to-Be Save Big With Rentable Designer Maternity Clothing

ABC News' Ginger Zee looks into maternity clothing rentals favored by stars like Kerry Washington.
4:15 | 10/13/15

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Transcript for Moms-to-Be Save Big With Rentable Designer Maternity Clothing
? let's lose oinds M and go byrabazy ? ? aye-yie-yie keep on -- And dance again here. You have a very special announcement this morning. Yes. Tell us. That's where ourirst video is here. We're excited for the our EP. October 23rd and we can't wait for everyone to hear themusic. We'll see more of you then too. Yes. Ee S you perform which we can't get enough of. That song isled "Cake by the ocean." What was the inspiration for that. I was working with a fewod prsucm ferro snwet tdehaept confing sex the whit cakem fhe OAN a whole new wardrobe for just a few months can sure make it tough to feel red carpet ready. This is all I have for maternity. None of this fit, none of that fits. This fits. I got a whole closet over here that doesn't fit and I've got another couple months left. Jersey is the pregnant woman's best friend. It's comfortable, loose. Here it is. Enter companies like mine for nine that rent clothing for up to 75% off the retail price. Not bad when women can spend up to 2 grand on their maternity wardrobe. Our average ticket runs between $90 and $100 and in those order they'll usually get four to five items. Who is this specifically for. For anyone that's pregnant. Even if you're a stay-at-home mom and want to put something on that makes you feel good on date night. They can rent something for a month. Instead of buying this Navy maxi dress for $175, I could rent it for 60 bucks for two weeks. Thanks to maternity rental now I don't have to lose sleep with what to wear with this ever growing belly. I swear it grows every day. We are now joined by Mindy walker, executive editor from "American baby" magazine. Welcome to "Gma" again. We love to see you. Thank you, thank you. This dress just for an example, 40 bucks and get to keep it for a month. From mine for nine, wear it as much as you want for $40. I have a baby shower coming up. A lot of reasons you could have multiple times to wear it. Exactly. I know it's an ever-changing body and nine months is a long time and you grow out of things. Exactly so women are -- we're finding women can spend up to $2,000 on maternity clothes because your body is changing but yet you don't want to wear your cousin's hand-me-downs the whole time. You looked stylish before you want to look stylish while pregnant. Subscription services make this possible. I don't want to keep it all after. Even if you get pregnant again you don't know if the season is going to be the same. A lot of factors that can affect that. Let's bring out our models and start with Ingrid. Okay, great. Ingrid, come on out. Ingrid -- Whoo! Ingrit is wearing this great outfit from la tote, a black and white top that cops with a denim jacket and hobo bag. La tote comes to your house, you choose what you want. If you want office looks shall casual looks and then you wear it as much as you want for that month. How much have we saved here? So this outfit would retail for $245. But she's getting it for $59. That's a savings of $186. It's huge. It is huge. It is and especially because so many of us, there's so many -- you could wear this over and over. You could pull it off for days. All right, one more look, we've got shelly. Shelly coming out. So she got her fabulous dress from belly bump boutique. And you're due any day. Not easy to pull off a great look when you're due any day but shelly does it. This outif it is great for let's say you have a wedding or a shower you want to go to. You can go online. Book it in advance and go on, say, okay, reserve it for that week and get this dress. Bring it. Give me the savings. $118 We are back now with the first installment of our new series "Baby oh baby." All about modern pregnancy, a thing I know a little about. Any mom, though, knows that maternity clothing can be super expensive, especially when you

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{"duration":"4:15","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee looks into maternity clothing rentals favored by stars like Kerry Washington.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34439178","title":"Moms-to-Be Save Big With Rentable Designer Maternity Clothing","url":"/GMA/video/mom-style-breaking-bank-34439178"}