Mommy-Daughter Yoga Stars

Yoga lover Laura Kasperzak used social media to turn her passion into so much more.
3:00 | 03/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mommy-Daughter Yoga Stars
Also, we have a true social superstar with us this morning, Lora is a yoga lover and instagram extraordinaire. Hundreds of thousands of followers can't get enough with her daughter doing impressive poses all part of a new 2re7dz women using social media to turn their passion into much, much more. Reena ninan explains. Oh, my. ? Reporter: Elyria Baldwin has done it from a plane. This woman does it from all over the world. Posting poses that turns the lotus pose into loads of opportunity. Goddess now has a TV show and silver cloud makes money by offering her followers promotional codes for yoga clothing. It's all part of an insta-trend stemming from instagram if going to do a couple poses. Reporter: With over-the-top cute mommy/daughter poses featuring Jaden, laura has amassed almost 800,000 followers. This photo alone got 67,000 likes. Leveraging her legion of loyal followers she launched a longtime dream, a brand-new online business with her friend masumi Goldman. How did you have the confidence to say you'll do it. We were running instagram challenging trying to get the yoga community together on instagram where it started. Reporter: So how do you get almost a million followers? First make frequent posts. Laura posts four to five times a day. Next interact with followers, read the comments and respond timely to questions. It's really hard to keep up with them. But I really my best. Reporter: Finally watch out for other instagramers with large followers who share the same passion. I got a couple shout-outs along the way from other big accounts. Reporter: Even if yoga isn't for you. I don't know. My tree is little windy over here. Reporter: Pick your passion and get snapping. For good morning America, Reena ninan, ABC news, New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Yoga lover Laura Kasperzak used social media to turn her passion into so much more. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22982889","title":"Mommy-Daughter Yoga Stars","url":"/GMA/video/mommy-daughter-yoga-stars-22982889"}