Mom's Claims That Son Had Cancer Were False

Mother accused of lying to her son and family about her child's health.
3:00 | 04/27/13

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Transcript for Mom's Claims That Son Had Cancer Were False
Other facing charges accused of lying to everyone by claiming her son had cancer. And -- everyone police say she told friends family even the young boy that he had his -- disease. ABC's Taina Hernandez is here with the story good morning time good morning -- and down the -- been charged with theft by deception and endangering the welfare of -- child police say. It appears that not even her own family knew she'd made -- -- up. Neighbors say when Susan still Wagoner announced her nine year old son had stage three hodgkin's lymphoma it brought out the best in her community. Now there's only disbelief. I am control -- -- -- let us. Shocked that a mother could have made it all up even allegedly lying to the boy himself. Telling him he was ill when he was not according to police. This woman who identified herself as still wagons mother had little to say in her defense. I will just tell you that it. My -- sick. Something snapped in her -- Don't know what. The 35 year old Pennsauken New Jersey mom was arrested after her release from a psychiatric facility she's accused of theft by deception. Rallying her son's friend even family members to help raise money. They sold wrist bands necklaces held special events. All an alleged hoax with no explanation. She couldn't articulate to me why she did it. I'm just that. She had a problem that was her answer I have a problem. Last month this message popped up on the FaceBook page for still -- -- sun quote. My stomach still hurts but I'm trying to rest like my mom says and I can go to nineteen soccer game. Police say it's unclear who actually wrote. Those words she took -- son to the doctors for something that ailment and in -- early stages and the doctor mentioned cancer. But since that time it was ruled out. Good news still wagon allegedly never broke to her son or their community robbed of money and trust. Well police are still trying to figure out how much money was pocketed by the mom and ironically it was the -- school which had first. Rallied around to help the still -- -- they became suspicious and call police say summing didn't seem right. -- -- -- -- -- Incredibly of people lined about themselves and their own health and when they take -- to their children -- completely different problems ever was very worried it might -- that makes it.

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{"id":19056162,"title":"Mom's Claims That Son Had Cancer Were False","duration":"3:00","description":"Mother accused of lying to her son and family about her child's health.","url":"/GMA/video/moms-claims-son-cancer-false-19056162","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}