New Monitor Helps Women Get Pregnant Quickly

Duo fertility device claims to determine the precise time to conceive baby with scientific accuracy.
5:05 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for New Monitor Helps Women Get Pregnant Quickly
New phenomenon. It gets well that's a great women pregnant assistant brisket and monitor that. That according the manufactured servers the precise and best time to conceive a child with the greatest possible scientific accuracy -- -- claim. ABC's -- Davis explains how works. Moves in the heart and -- 39 year old -- -- -- is about to become a mom for the first time and cheater husband did it the old fashioned way and kind of. He is back trying and that it's not happening first line second month -- three months four months you know hey maybe next month maybe next month and when it doesn't happen that when -- get upset we I think decided to get sort of IVF treatments by the end of the summer if it hadn't happened. But doctors -- moderates assured the -- there was nothing wrong with either of them and they should wait a bit longer before committing to IVF. That was fine with syringe who was apprehensive about the often grueling fertility procedure. Expensive it's invasive -- have to get -- every day it takes over your life. And that is getting scared about that. And one day Dustin Morris told me hey. There's pending news do and it -- Does something new is a device called dual fertility which -- recently been approved by the FDA. The tiny sensor measures your body's vital signs sleep pattern menstrual cycle and your temperature 20000. Times a day. Then tells you the optimum time for you to -- this sensor is worn under the arm and collects data even while you sleep every couple of days it's uploaded to the company -- Cambridge England where data is analyzed and returned to the patient by email. Slip up. Personal trainer. With the temperature monitor and your personal trainer is in England giving -- emails and telling you what to do. -- -- fertility claims that six months of -- fertility has a 38%. Success rate. Compared to one cycle of IVF which has a 36%. Success rate. Doctor aren't says he's given it to ten patients resulting in three pregnancies but he's quick to point out -- dual fertility. Is not a substitute for IVF. IDF is excellent for people that have -- problems meaning the tubes are blocked. You can use the -- -- you turn blue in the face you will not get pregnant expected to survive I get so excited but he cannot. Believe it but for those longing to be parents and have no health issues. Dual fertility -- may take at least this part of the guesswork out of parenthood. I think so Lindsay and the device costs 795. Dollars if it doesn't work after twelve months the company says it will give you your money back. That -- bring in. Doctor Jennifer -- people I think we're look at happier about it -- they -- appeared to be. A public alarm OK let's all pros and cons here should couples who are having trouble conceiving today. Get their hopes up with this here's. I like about interest while this is the device right here this little thing goes. Under your arm hit. And then this connects to your computer and downloads all this information to computers and that's how would you. Constantly -- you wanna collect data over a long period -- now on the pro side what I am excited about by this is this kind of represents the future this is tracking biometrics are in this case. Your body temperature your behavior and integrating it analyzing it yes you have the British experts weighing in on what you should do I think most people know what. -- -- -- -- And I think that that can be very empowering for a couple who wants to get some sense of control over a process now that's not so easy to control on the negative right. Is not gonna help male factor infertility it is not gonna help. Open blocked tubes and it is really not a replacement for this pretty true cases that go to -- that can be really you know. Transform -- about the placebo affect them. 30% of the time -- that -- absolutely -- 30% and at times that the placebo effect refers to the fact that when you're given a sham treatment or just you know salt water instead of a medication this other percent of the time I had in mind body bags hanging up. So you know what I tell my patients. What you are trying to conceive you wanna relax he wanted to -- old fashioned -- -- -- -- trying not to make it a science project until you absolutely -- it mostly does this tell you when. You should go for well it is it -- decline of I think it. Good morning actually might not -- about. If that you don't run out of work it pinpointed to a period of you know several hours today is and you know what the bottom line is you really want to try to relax because it can be a very stressful process. And if you are able to get pregnant. Your sense will probably not be the same again after this -- to get your money back. Don't forget about -- a good investment and the Marlins -- you first don't succeed try try try. -- -- Sure he's right. We thank you --

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{"id":20417841,"title":"New Monitor Helps Women Get Pregnant Quickly","duration":"5:05","description":"Duo fertility device claims to determine the precise time to conceive baby with scientific accuracy.","url":"/GMA/video/monitor-helps-women-pregnant-quickly-20417841","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}