Egypt's First Democratically Elected President Ousted

President Morsi is under house arrest following military coup; interim president sworn in.
2:57 | 07/04/13

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Transcript for Egypt's First Democratically Elected President Ousted
the first democratically-elected president, mohamed morsi, was pushed out. Ousted by the military yesterday. Abc's global affairs anchor, christiane amanpour and abc's martha raddatz are here live. But first, let's go to abc's alex marquardt with the latest in cairo this morning. Alex? Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth. It's clear the military is trying to shut down morsi's power base. The long outlawed islamist group, the muslim brotherhood. They have arrested morsi, several topf officials and issued arrest warrants for 300 of its members. They're trying to take this country over as smoothly as possible. Jubilation in tahrir square. Another egyptian leader taken down by the people on this now iconic square. We've been witting for this moment. Reporter: Anger had been growing against morsi. Proponents accused him of doing nothing for the egypt economic crisis. Said his party, the muslim brotherhood, but trying to control egyptian life. They were changing us, the way we talk. And the way we're dealing with society. Reporter: On sunday, the first anniversary of morsi's election, nationwide dem stations were called. Millions turned out in what is believed to be the country's biggest protest ever. The crowd so big, the anger so deep, that on monday at 5:00 p.M., The military issued an ultimatum to morsi. Heed the people's demand or we'll intervene. As military helicopters flew over tahrir square, the crowds roared, convinced the military was on their side. Just before midnight on tuesday, morsi took to the airwaves, slamming the military's ultimatum and arguing he was elected legitimately. Or morsi supporters said he needed more time. To achieve our hopes. Reporter: On wednesday afternoon, the ultimatum expired, as the crowds grew, so did the confusion. You have no idea who is running the country right now? At this moment, we have no idea. Reporter: At 9:00 p.M., The military made their announcement. Morsi was out. Euphoria on tahrir. Fury at the muslim brotherhood protest just miles away. In an online video released minutes later, morsi lashed out, saying the revolution was stolen. And warning ominously, whoever planned this, he said, wants to spill the blood of the egyptian people. There's still a small celebration going on here in tahrir. They've been firing off some fireworks. Just a short time ago, the new interim president was sworn in. He is egypt's top constitutional judge. The military is trying hard to make sure this doesn't look like a coup. But morsi supporters are saying that's exactly what it is. And they have vowed to stay in the streets.

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{"id":19576787,"title":"Egypt's First Democratically Elected President Ousted","duration":"2:57","description":"President Morsi is under house arrest following military coup; interim president sworn in.","url":"/GMA/video/morsi-house-arrest-egypts-democratically-elected-president-ousted-19576787","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}