What If Mosquitoes were Completely Annihilated?

How eradicating mosquitoes would impact our world.
3:54 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for What If Mosquitoes were Completely Annihilated?
-- knowing killing. She's mosquitoes that tiny has killed more than 725000. People and here that's almost twice as much. As our next deadliest foe. Ourselves. Wonder why -- we. Let's get their -- seriously would be too great being -- -- couldn't be a huge benefit for mankind. Well wanted to see mosquitoes. There will be assigned summer that was buzzing bugs. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The potential to millions around the world. -- the biggest killer on the planet friendly terms available. There are more than 3500. Different species of mosquitoes but. Only around three of those species sauce is spreading diseases among humans far -- the worse -- those. This area. Some malaria kills an estimated 625000. People here -- the top three killers and kids worldwide. By some accounts -- kill more people than any other in human history. With the eradication of mosquitoes could lead to the end of all deadly diseases they plague us with. Mosquitoes are taken out of the picture of the disease is a picture. About. Much point one billion dollars to the estimated -- -- yearly amount to properly battle malaria globally for the cause. -- gets less than. So do mosquitoes do anything. Positive. To notice there's not much evidence suggests that most -- do you much good. In -- and they know we know he's lost teachers who runs the spread malaria didn't Greek origin and open today and actually meets every two years US. There's been in battle with -- insects of little use. For well over a century now. You don't management goes back a long way into the end of the civil war didn't start to -- Reliance on chemical methods which wearer of risk sex scene -- -- something new and it seemed to really do the trick. We may have the weapons to eradicate mosquitoes but -- -- -- to pull out work. Damaged in an environment barber to break habitat models and getting rid of all the spaces where -- they rest Italian after four. Because -- essentially to be introduced a lot of credit because I said the fish shift. Dragon flies yes they'll probably take care of the problem and start taking care -- and you don't want to take care. So no pesticides know habitat modification. And -- -- -- creditors. But we left with genetic modification. May be the safest route -- rid ourselves of mosquitoes. And we're not talking -- -- John. More from. -- -- -- -- said it gene makes -- Only way my execution. Basically what we can we put our Springsteen garment medals. Israel stated by you or sprint -- a -- and matrix both the house and the offspring and tighten juice. The most -- population that once -- In Tehran. Prior to knowledge and if we can bring mosquito to the brink of extinction if I don't want to expand it. National or even global scale. I think there would be impossible actually just in I want to get rid of -- procedures -- spread disease. It reminded and ones -- just east that's much more -- us. But he still talking when talking her own time and anonymous.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"How eradicating mosquitoes would impact our world.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23954784","title":"What If Mosquitoes were Completely Annihilated?","url":"/GMA/video/mosquitoes-annihilated-23954784"}