The mother of NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant shares her parenting secrets on 'GMA'

Wanda Durant, the mother of Kevin Durant, appears live on "GMA" to discuss how she raised the NBA champ.
5:54 | 06/19/17

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Transcript for The mother of NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant shares her parenting secrets on 'GMA'
mother of superstar Kevin Durant. You know, she put so much of her life on hold as a young single mother who raise her two sons and now she's going to share her story and we're going to speak to her in just a moment. You looking good. I try. Thank you. The warriors are NBA champions. Reporter: A mother's dream for her son coming true in this moment. You're finals MVP. Kevin Durant. We did it. I told you when I was 8 years old, we did it. Reporter: Kevin Durant, celebrating his first NBA title with the golden state warriors. It's good. Reporter: His mother always there by his side. It's a sight familiar to fans. Magnified in 2014 by Kevin's emotional MVP acceptance speech. We weren't supposed to be here. You made us believe. You kept us off the street. When you didn't eat, you made sure we ate. You went to sleep hungry. You the real MVP. Reporter: Today Wanda shares her message of encouragement with others to believe in yourself and never give up. I love how you're smacking him. Well, I was kind of lost in the moment there. Tugging on his goatee. I didn't even realize I did it -- I was like, wow. What was that moment like for you? It was -- I felt fulfilled as a mom. When he gave the speech and he talked about me in the speech a few years ago, I felt like he got it. He understood why I was the type of mother that I was but -- Demanding, right? Yes, I was. Sometimes a little psychotic but at that moment I felt like he -- I was fulfilled as a parent because it was like all the hard work really paid off. How did you help him, Wanda, both on and off the court? On the court I would -- I was very demanding. In practice and workouts, the coach would say, Kevin, do 25 push-ups and I would come in with my flippant attitude and say, do 250 and -- he would look at me like how dare you but he had so much respect for me that he wouldn't dare talk back and so I just told him how to go beyond what was required and always dig deeper. We heard in his acceptance speech in 2014 when he was the league MVP and such an emotional moment and saying, like there were times that you didn't eat so they could eat. The sacrifices that you made as a single mother to your two boy, Tony and Kevin. And there are other parents that have gone through or are going through difficult times. How did you get through it and what's your advice to them to help them get through those difficult times. Well, I was determined early on as a young mother that I was going to be present with my children. I was going to be engaged and it didn't matter what I had to sacrifice for their success. I knew I wanted different for them. I had learned from my mom the sacrifice for her family and so that's what I did but I wanted them to live their dream. I wanted them to set a goal for themselves and not just live life as a survivor but as a thriver. I love that, yes, as a thriver. As you put it, you know, if you -- there had to have been times that you wanted to quit but if you quit that would be quitting on your kids. There were several times that I wanted to quit but the look in their eyes kept me going and I just couldn't be a quitter. No matter how hard it was, I couldn't be a quitter for them then I learned later on I couldn't quit for myself. Right. That I was important too. And I know you want to share what you have learned and what you have caught your children to help others that are in a similar situation. We reached out to people on Twitter and on social media and asked them questions and Angela who is a dear viewer of our program she said, I'd love to hear momma Durant's advice to parents/families on three ways she built motivation and hard work into their son's life? Primarily it started with me. I accepted a responsibility of a parent. I knew that it was important and vital for that foundation to be successful men. And then I decided that my life was secondary. Their lives was the most important so I was engaged, I was involved. I was present. I was what you would call a hovering mother. I was always there. So I knew who their friends' parents were. I wanted them to be around people, children whose parents had like values as mine. The men I had in their lives was very important to me and then I required them to set goals. Academically and future goals. I'm glad you said academically as well. T. Johnson, how can parents notice and nurture potential in their young people. I know Kevin early said I want to be a pro basketball and you sent him away and said, son, think about it. He came right back. He came right back, yeah. Being engaged with your children helps you to identify characteristics for certain professions or certain hobbies or interests. And it just happened to be basketball for us and so I think just being engaged, you'll be able to identify the artistic characteristics in your child, the academic prowess in the athletic ability and able to identify if you're there and present so that's what I would suggest. Now it's Wanda time. Yes. I love that. You've done the work. Yes. Very deserving of that Ena love like your son you want to share with others, Wanda Durant, momma Durant, it's wonderful to be in your presence. Wish you all the best. There's more to her story. Stay tuned.

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{"id":48124350,"title":"The mother of NBA Finals MVP Kevin Durant shares her parenting secrets on 'GMA'","duration":"5:54","description":"Wanda Durant, the mother of Kevin Durant, appears live on \"GMA\" to discuss how she raised the NBA champ. ","url":"/GMA/video/mother-nba-finals-mvp-kevin-durant-shares-parenting-48124350","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}