Movement calls on parents not to give their children smartphones until 8th grade

Over 4,300 parents in all 50 states have signed a pledge not to get their children a smartphone before 8th grade.
5:01 | 11/15/17

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Transcript for Movement calls on parents not to give their children smartphones until 8th grade
Now that would you may parenting and learn about Smartphones and win their children should have them campaign is growing across the country. The wait till eight. Grain teammates weekend anchor Paul affairs is here with more in this is just across the home hasn't yet hitting my community and this movement and spreading good morning he'll robbing you know. Parents we felt powerless for so long when it comes to screens its Smartphones. It is a land mine for our children teen suicide rates are on the rise as a social media but there is a movement happening wait until eight. Parents are now pushing back pledging to protect their kids from the Smartphone. Until they're ready for it. The pressure is on for preteens take. Smartphones do you know anything they don't has my opponents. And the pressure is also why for their parents is there one word that you can give me to describe the plot. Buying you get Smart dreads regret. Frightening and it is still at dictates it was this pressure that led Boston mom Brooke Shannon to start wait until eight. Where parents sign a pledge not to give their child a Smartphone before it. Grade I think before the weight play five's parents definitely like they had a choice. They can either give their cadet found to have everyone Havilland. Or if they can he wanted to follow me quote unquote rule monitored that had better get their had a and it just felt really Lillian isolating. The grassroots movement is now national and to date more than 4300. Parents from all fifty states have signed the wait until they pledged. On route in my. And this week there was a screening of the documentary screen agers. About the impact of screen time I'm young minds at my children's elementary school just outside New York City. All across the country. Parents get together. Along with the children say we're gonna wait how effective do you think this movement can be I think the more people who conjoined together and say we're gonna delay events it's a very powerful device it's a mini computer with Internet and camera and they're just not ready. To handle the pressures the anxiety the depression that comes along with it. In fact a new study shows a late teenager speaking about suicide. Are more likely to be users of social media and experts say they are some real dangers to Smartphones. Exposing children to cyber bullying sixteen and sexual predators kid's extra. Bring rit and dye be low self esteem. Eighty HT. Are much more likely to use the device is in a way where they get negative feedback different those kids. They're really at risk for being bullied for getting depressed for the grades go down. But now with movement spreading around the country parents can take control Simon Fuller Linda Fisher it's one of them. Her eldest two children pass Smartphones. Can you regret it in the Smartphone yet. Night after night and my eight year old will not begin until he's thirteen. I signed the petition for queens it's green it's becoming a scratch for them it's easy access and its causes arguments we didn't make. Could be like yeah I think it'd be better and motion claims I borrowed. Smart guns and shoot up a distraction. During school healing needs. Back Gates's that study habits an amendment that needs much worse things. Eight indicate that it's not great for that and it is learn from many of them to justify why they need to Smartphone the and the fact that all of their peers and everybody else has one. Other alternatives they have their heart you know and fact in my family we bought her daughter and give them gadget we have the gizmo and gadget and he's not -- here you restrict the calls the tax and this has GPS tracking the gizmo how you can only make phone calls that this is an option and what about the good old fashioned just make a call Helen my little friend rob and kept up to about a sonnet is alive and well I now with. On it to basically not this flip phone has a camera make sure if you don't want your children to take photos to get a plus on the doesn't have a camera but its basic you wanna call your kids you want them to taxed. While who have lived about two OK now what if your child already has noticed there and yeah. Yeah take it away from not seat this is this is difficult but remember candidate you are the parent and it the onus is on you cheer them the concerns about detectives can impair their sweet if you compare their grades it can impair their relationships. The links to depression. There are every major carrier out there has some basic plan with no do that have kids can skirt around that issue out here is ticketed a step further. And they've offered services which will restrict the phones to win apps they have and they can only call and taxed certain numbers with the Spartan habits don't try to pivot point if the whole community at the whole school just behind their back how does we kind of pledge forget that one child this bill I had all my other friends haven't it's more did no matter how strong you are you not make you might now it's your could be weeks would write it could have. Peer pressure but also the pressure on Paris and we have to remember with this movement wait until late work in it together and has power management and their power evening.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Over 4,300 parents in all 50 states have signed a pledge not to get their children a smartphone before 8th grade. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51153665","title":"Movement calls on parents not to give their children smartphones until 8th grade ","url":"/GMA/video/movement-calls-parents-give-children-smartphones-8th-grade-51153665"}