Mystery Man Saves Teenager from Shark Attack

Young surfer saved after he?s attacked by killer shark.
2:11 | 05/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mystery Man Saves Teenager from Shark Attack
teenage boy lucky to be alive after a sudden close encounter with a shark. A mystery man on the beach jumped into the water to save this kid. And abc's linzie janis has details. Reporter: This young man is so lucky and so fearless. Mike adler is recovering from surgery in a florida hospital. Just hours earlier, the 16-year-old was fending off a shark attack. His whole jaw just cramped down on my leg. And right from there, I knew it was a ark attack. I was paddling in as fast as i could. Reporter: The ft. Lauderdale teen and his four friends were surfing at this central, florida beac I started sprinting towards him. Reporter: Mike didn't see the shark that bit him. But the wounds from its teeth reveal enough. The doctors told me that i was lucky that it didn't hit, like, a major artery because that would have been a lot more bleeding. Reporter: And it's not for a mysterious stranger, he may have lost his foot. I'm grateful he was there. Reporter: According to friends, a man with military training raco mike aid, using his surfboard leash has a tourniquet. Because of him, doctors were able to repair four tendons. And mike's expected to make a full recovery. Despite the pain, mike tweeted these messages. I just got bit by a shark in sebastian. And I better be on shark week, referring to the popular discovery channel series. So fearless is this crew, they headed back to the beach for more surfing after dropping their friend off at the hospital. I can't believe he actually got bit by a shark. Reporter: Will it be once bitten twice shy for mike? I'm going to surf in the future. I wish I could surf tomorrow. Reporter: Mike and his friends are going to go to nicaragua to surf. And they encourage their own kids to surf, as we. Isn't no fear the popular tag line for surfwear brand? I have a long list of things I would do after getting eaten by a shark. Tweeting and going surfing again is not on that list. They should ground him. She was a little annoyed. Thanks. Speaking of fearless, let's get it to our meteorologist, our

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{"id":19111821,"title":"Mystery Man Saves Teenager from Shark Attack","duration":"2:11","description":"Young surfer saved after he?s attacked by killer shark.","url":"/GMA/video/mystery-man-saves-teenager-shark-attack-19111821","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}