Nancy Grace Discusses Owen Labrie Trial Verdict

The former prep school student was found not guilty of the three most serious felony charges related to a sexual encounter with a freshman at the prestigious St. Paul's School.
3:02 | 08/29/15

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Transcript for Nancy Grace Discusses Owen Labrie Trial Verdict
Joining us to break down what it means is Nancy grace, host of "Nancy grace" on HLN. Nancy, thanks for joining us this morning. Good morning. First and foremost the verdict seems to indicate that the jurors thought the pair had sex but it wasn't rape. In your opinion, did they get it right? Well, I think that they were given the task, a very difficult task much like king Solomon and they had to make sense of a very confusing situation and what they did is split the baby. I don't think they bought either story totally. They did not believe Owen Labrie, that negotiation had happened and they did not fully believe her that it was not consensual. I get it. So by splitting the baby the worst thing Labrie has to worry about is the one felony, which requires him to register as a sex offender. That's the one charge that the defense is arguing against. I pry kick the judge will let Labrie stay out on an appeal bond which means even after you're convicted you can stay out of jail until that felony is appealed. Okay, let's get more into the sentencing. We heard gio say there's no minimum -- there is a maximum of 11 years but because of a nuance in New Hampshire, the judge is going to determine the sentencing so could Labrie walk off without doing prison time? Absolutely and if you look into judge schmuckleer's background he's known as an independent thinker which can be good and bad. I think it's very possible that Labrie could walk free on straight probation, most of these offenses, four of the five that he's been convicted on are misdemeanors which is a max of 12 months but easily probatable. There's just only one that could land Labrie behind bars and that is the felony offense and I think that they're going to appeal that and he'll walk on probation, I really do think that. One more question for you, Nancy. What kind of precedent in your mind does this set for victims of sexual abuse? You know what, that's a double-edged sword and I'll tell you the way I'm taking it as a crime victim myself and having represented many, many rape victims including date rape victims, don't take this as a blow because somebody believed her, somebody took this to a grand jury, to a jury of 12, the jury convicted and he is now convicted under the law. Somebody listened and somebody believed her and fought for her and that is my message today. Rape victims, you must report it and you must believe. So tough to hear this case. It doesn't feel like there are any winners in the case but, Nancy, thank you for joining us on "Good morning America." Thank you. Tom. Such a tough case and, you know, any way you look at it it's two kids. Two kids. Two kids and a lot of conversations about teens and sex.

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{"duration":"3:02","description":"The former prep school student was found not guilty of the three most serious felony charges related to a sexual encounter with a freshman at the prestigious St. Paul's School.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33401649","title":"Nancy Grace Discusses Owen Labrie Trial Verdict","url":"/GMA/video/nancy-grace-discusses-owen-labrie-trial-verdict-33401649"}