Nancy Kerrigan says sharing her struggle with miscarriages on 'DWTS' was an 'honor'

Kerrigan and Nick Viall open up about the double elimination, as the competition heats up on "Dancing With the Stars."
5:03 | 05/02/17

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Transcript for Nancy Kerrigan says sharing her struggle with miscarriages on 'DWTS' was an 'honor'
ginger, the ballroom bombshell. Both Nick Viall and Nancy Kerrigan eliminated on last night's "Dancing with the stars." Nancy and her partner artem are here in studio with us and Nick and PETA are joining us from L.A. And thank you all for joining us. I always say, it's great to see you but I hate to see you at this time of the year when "Dancing with the stars" and, Nancy, were you surprised to be sent home after one of your best dances of the season? I guess I was a little surprised just because I really wanted to get to the end and I wanted to keep going and learn more. But I knew every week there's always that chance so I don't know. It's just part of the game? Look at how good it is. What happened? What happened? We got to talk to those judges. Nick, I have a question for you. Last night I was watching you do the tango and you had cramps after. Do you think that affected the way you were able to dance last night? Maybe a little bit. I mean I don't want to make excuses. I was a little dehydrated but it was still a ton of fun and, you know, it was a good dance to go out on. And, Nancy, you blogged and you and artem have a great partnership but blogged some of his dances were too risque and -- I did? And that some of your friends wouldn't let their kids watch the show. Oh, well, I didn't think they were but some of my friends did. Yeah. And what do your kids think of your hole dancing experience. I don't think they thought it. They loved it. They're really disappointed that I'm off the show now but happy that I'm coming home and so that's like bittersweet and I get to go home and that's a good thing but the show has been such a great platform for me. I didn't realize what it was giving me and allowing me the chance to speak out about things I've been through, miscarriages and eating disorders and things that I didn't realize would touch so many people and what an honor that is for me to be able to maybe help somebody else. I had no idea I was going to do that. Your honesty definitely does help a lot of people out there, I'm sure. Artem, you had Ricky martin help you and your reaction to having Ricky martin help you with the samba. It never goes away, huh. This is it. What am I doing? What is wrong with me? Look, he's like a huge influence on me growing up because I used to compete and listen to his music and never thought in a million years the guy would be like want me to perform a song for you? I mean, how would you feel? Just like you. Exactly. There you go. You see. And, Pete tra, I got to say, you were magnificent coming back from having your beautiful baby. Thank you. You know, watching you both last night with the double secret agent and all that stuff, really fun to watch and you took Nick to new heights and how proud of you -- are you of him? You know, super proud. We wanted to get, you know, as far as we could and he went out there and he had so much courage to get out there every Monday night and dance. He's had no experience whatsoever so I'm super proud of you. You know you did a great job. You've done a great job. We have someone else who is proud of you too so take a look. Hi, Nick and PETA. I am so proud of you guys. Nick, I know you've been working and I want to say you're a winner if my heart. Ah. That's all you need at the end of the day. That's all you need. A little bit of home. Right. Nancy, I'm curious, to both you and Nick, a question to both of you. Doing this competition and just diving in, did you learn anything about yourselves? I think not just about myself but I've learned about everybody like we are so capable of doing more than we think we are and living outside our box and trying something new and, you know, just giving it all to something different and having a new challenge is so important, I think, to grow as a person. Absolutely. Nick, how about you? I would just kind of echo kind of Nancy's thoughts. I mean, you know, this experience for me really was all about getting out of my comfort zone and taking big risks and knowing you can survive them and while it's, you know, it is just dancing but to be comfortable with that kind of idea is something that I think is useful in life. So -- This is a question for everyone. Who do you hi is going home with the mirror ball trophy? You heard the audience went whoo. I'll put my money on Rashad. Rashad. You like Rashad. I like thatting okay. Rashad has a good chance. Yeah, for sure. You four just put a lot of pressure on Rashad. I just want you to know that. He can handle it. You know what, we're so glad you guys did this. It was so fun to watch you dance and we look forward to having you back and talking to you and just thank you all so much for joining us this morning. I know you're all very tired. Go get some rest. And you at home you can see "Dancing with the stars" Monday night at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central right here on ABC and

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{"id":47146522,"title":"Nancy Kerrigan says sharing her struggle with miscarriages on 'DWTS' was an 'honor'","duration":"5:03","description":"Kerrigan and Nick Viall open up about the double elimination, as the competition heats up on \"Dancing With the Stars.\"","url":"/GMA/video/nancy-kerrigan-sharing-struggle-miscarriages-dwts-honor-47146522","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}