Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle With 'Life-Threatening' Depression

The actress discusses the struggles and triumphs of her life in her new memoir "River of Time."
6:51 | 12/06/16

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Transcript for Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle With 'Life-Threatening' Depression
What are dear dear friend. Country music star daily job she's written a powerful new memoir it's called river behind. When she opens up about battling depression and we're her wife is now has an inspiring story for millions of others. Who are also struggling. She is part of country music royalty but judds Naomi Judd. With her daughter Wynonna has skyrocketed to the top. Country music fame. But six years ago when the touring ended and the spotlight faded Naomi hit rock bottom. Battling severe depression and anxiety leading to several stance in psychiatric wards at a heavy regiment of medication. Eight today Naomi a staging a comeback not with music but with a powerful message in her new book river of time. I have to say Centre right off the bank has actress she's so much this percent of people realized I don't look like I usually look my handshake group. Medication that and I can do about it and my face got the balloon. But faces all swollen because the medication. I really haven't been eating I streaming can't it. Early F and it's with that mix of humor and humility that Naomi you sharing your story with the public because you see me in rhinestones. You know with glitter and my hair that really is who Diane. The ten Ali come home. And not only the house for two weeks and I can't in my pajamas not practiced normal hygiene. Originally. Then went down mainly white issue that's now geek this. What I've been through his extreme. My final diagnosis was severe. Depression. Treatment resistant to stay tracked minute every single thing. They had in their arsenal they really felt like. If I lived through this. I want someone. To be able to see that they cancer pakistanis. Forty million of the sat there. There's always hope. My mother has always had major mess your message so you can help others to and that's what I get from reading your book. I think it's another reason so wanted to write that. Because I never acknowledged. All of that stuff that people kitchens. That's part of or treatment. Naomi had to confront a very difficult childhood that she says included being molested by an uncle when she was just three and a half years old. As cute kin. I smiled and laughed I was very obedient there's actually a photo in the book where typically. Oppose him. Net and on my hip and on hand grin for the camera. And then grand mommy did. It made me stand next on Gonchar and my personality is completely changed. And its interest in where am holding my hands like right here. And a look like I'm disgusted and terrified. When these things would happen to you. And you'd go running to at a dole. You were so hopeful that they were to see the fright and you couldn't ask you but they were not equipped. Whom nobody. Was there for me. I had two real sit. In no way. I had to parent myself. Well had this inner child. And I needed for the first Himalaya. To realize that I got a raw deal. Okay now on the big girl cutting your big girl pants and deal with it. And I've started in therapy and I can't radical acceptance. Everyday I exercised. I would walk up to actually SaaS which is a mile that way. And out Holler letter from her front step she is home she command give me a hug. A simple hide from her youngest daughter one of many small but meaningful steps towards nail these recovery actually and I. Are so stink and much alive. Mainly had the same mannerisms. We've. Read a whole lot with the cutting appliances. Mean there's such similarities. While her relationship with actually has been steady. This same cannot be said for her relationship with Wynonna four YE a she calls her. Or would they owe me was just a teenager. From the day I knew she existed. Institute this you can sort and then through the decades. We can think of that together. Because it is really just a tour with us. And I'm always telling her. If I'd known then I would attend better. So why bore the brunt of all with the mistakes on me. And we talk about him within can lot of therapy together. In 2010 during their final score and the filming other dock you series the judds are on own tensions between the two. Reached a new high. I love herb that there are just times we need a break from each other based on a pyrrhic. Yes. We're still illustration each other and that happens as mothers daughters. If she's gonna watch this what do you think she'll think I think she'll say. Get tree you mom. Profoundly being willing to talk at that. The Pat's death. Asked what her husband have toll seven years Larry Strickland by her side Naomi is slowly able to put the bad stuff behind her what advice. Do you have for someone who has a loved one with depression. Did routed to. U2 walked up girl whom. Because their government and the groom they do every minute taking each day as it comes Naomi is seeing the brighter side of life again. My everyday life it's not only manageable. It's even enjoyable once more I laugh a lot. I'm contention at peace because our practice ready Phil acceptance every single day. Please join me telling the truth about depression and anxiety to anyone who will listen. It's a disease of the brain. I've told my story now you know and you can tell years. You're not in mind. I'm still here. And you better believe it Naomi to it's still here that was. At her home outside of Nashville you'll emotional because it was just she isn't so incredibly open and shields mama Judd she is mama's got it's it's really. Thought it was time to share with people. What she was going through it and hopes that it would help others I love that expression radical except in him. And if he had known better would have done better yes that's a phrase that utilized cash and share and then we spoke reverend time is out today.

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{"duration":"6:51","description":"The actress discusses the struggles and triumphs of her life in her new memoir \"River of Time.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43996780","title":"Naomi Judd Opens Up About Battle With 'Life-Threatening' Depression","url":"/GMA/video/naomi-judd-opens-battle-life-threatening-depression-43996780"}