NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Makes a Final Bid for a Championship

Gearing up for retirement, Gordon talks about his last shot for a fifth championship and breaking the NASCAR Iron Man record.
4:46 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Makes a Final Bid for a Championship
Language is false. Okay, okay. Well, hold up. I would like you to school Amy right now on the little dramatic Reading of your languages. My languages. Which one was true? Hold on. The success that you have had and you started racing when you were yay high. We have a picture of you at 15 years old. Oh, I had already been racing for ten years by then. Easily by then. Why is it time now for you to -- Well, you know, I have two young children. There's a lot of great opportunities, I've been doing this a long time and, you know, it's really just more about looking ahead. Looking at the future more so than, you know, what's happening right now today and I love what I do. It's been an amazing ride and it just felt like the right time. There's a lot of things that lined up that made sense in life and I'm content with it. I'm sorry that you're upset and I've gotten a lot of that from the fans but I'm looking forward to these final ten races being in the chase and then I can't wait for next year. Starting this Sunday, you know, the chase begins, cup series, the sprint cup series and when I look at you and I think about how you're going to also set that record, 789 consecutive starts is the record, the ironman record that you are going to surpass. When you look back on your illustrious career what are you most proud of. That's certainly one of the things I'm proud of and sort of knocking on wood. I still have to get to a couple of races before we can do that. I know. And I do recognize that, you know, there are -- it is dang dangerous out there and when I think of that and I've seen drivers have injuries I think of the past and how our sport has gotten so much safer now. But, you know, it could be just an illness, all kinds of little things along the way that can take you out of a race. I'm really proud of that number. That's a lot of races in a row and being there every time and -- Competitive every time. And really I love the sport but I've also recognized how committed my team is and I wanted to always be just as committed as they were. Good teammate. I got to say, I thought I knew everything there was to know about you. And then I heard about this break dancing that you enjoy doing and then you even -- there was some -- don't we have video of -- look at this. Whoa. Go, Jeff, go, Jeff. That's Jeff doing it at 40. Doesn't look quite the same as it used to? Oh, I bet your kids get a big kick out of that. This is -- I hope no one -- I hope you're not going to dare me to do anything today. Because that is what happens when a room full of a thousand fans starts to dare you and chapter but, yeah, this is my good teammate jimmy Johnson throwing me under the bus is what this is. He's seen me in action late at night with probably a little bit too much to drink and do something like that and so we were out in Las Vegas promoting the sport and having a good time and they said, all right, Jeff, get out there and do it. I don't do it anymore. I think I actually hurt my back in that. Don't worry. We're not going to ask you to do it. That would be the "Gma" way. All of a sudden we hit the music. We won't do that to you. Your commercial, Pepsi has been one of the sponsors that has been with you for so many years and that one where you make like you are taking them out on a ? oh here we go ? Welcome back to "Gma." A lot still ahead including what your perfect day of eating should loo Dave zinczenko is here with a new book out "Secrets to cutting calories but N flavor" coming up.o belly cookbook" right now, robin, you have a big interview. I do. Ladies a engines, we've got a big name with us here live right now. NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon is here. He's gettingready -- I've been trying to talk them out oit. He says he's going to retire. B for the championship and on the verge of breaking NASCAR's ironman record. The rainbow warrior, please welcome Jeff Gordon back to "Gma." Thank you, robin. You used to payroll, remember, back in the day as a contributor. It's gotten over the years. You till got it. Thank you. You always have a home here.

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{"duration":"4:46","description":"Gearing up for retirement, Gordon talks about his last shot for a fifth championship and breaking the NASCAR Iron Man record.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33796362","title":"NASCAR's Jeff Gordon Makes a Final Bid for a Championship","url":"/GMA/video/nascars-jeff-gordon-makes-final-bid-championship-33796362"}