Nebraska Ebola Patient Receives Experimental Drug

Care continues for the two U.S. Ebola patients as hospitals across the country prepare to treat the deadly virus.
3:05 | 10/08/14

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Transcript for Nebraska Ebola Patient Receives Experimental Drug
And movie on to the battle against ebola in this country. The U.S. On edge. A passenger was pulled off a plane and rushed to a hospital last night after showing flu-like symptoms as hospitals run safety drills to prepare for hn emergency. Cecilia Vega has the latest. Reporter: Good morning. The passenger pulled off the plane after someone mentioned ebola. Thomas Duncan is in critical condition here as we remain a nation on high alert. Racing to midland international airport after a female passenger fell ill on an American eagle flight. This patient was violently ill. They've got the passengers on board masked and gloved out. Reporter: The passenger, from Turkey, had flu-like symptoms and no fever. It's unlikely the patient has ebola, but it's showing how tense the fight has become. This morning the CDC and white house announcing plans to potentially increase passenger screenings at airports at home and abroad. They will contact planes from ebola hot Zones before allowing ships to port. The enemy is ebola. Reporter: After a nurses aid became the first person to contract the virus without traveling to west Africa, hospitals are practicing ebola drills. Our Dr. Besser in one New Jersey E.R. They got a fake call, and going through a drill as if the patient has ebola. Putting on full-body protective suits. Reducing the chances of getting sick. Reporter: This as two ebola patients recover in American hospitals. Journalist ashoka mukpo, who got it in Liberia, now in a Nebraska hospital. Receiving the same drug given to Thomas Eric Duncan, still on life support in Dallas. Thomas' family spoke publicly overnight, showing signs of improvement. Doctors here are hoping the experimental drug works. You'll remember, it's never before used on humans. It's a real test. Yes. It is. And speaking of the family members and the people he came in contact with in Dallas, what is their status this morning? Reporter: Family members, emergency workers, 48 people in all. Some of whom had direct contact, some may have had contact. They're being monitored, having their temperatures taken twice a day. If they start to show signs of ebola, now would be the time. They are being watched closely. The really good news is none of those people have shown any symptoms yet. That's great news. Thank you. Make it through the week and

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{"duration":"3:05","description":"Care continues for the two U.S. Ebola patients as hospitals across the country prepare to treat the deadly virus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26038915","title":"Nebraska Ebola Patient Receives Experimental Drug","url":"/GMA/video/nebraska-ebola-patient-receives-experimental-drug-26038915"}