Neighborhoods struggle as water recedes post-Harvey

More mandatory evacuations have been put in place and crews have been ordered to cut power to over 4,500 homes due to electrocution risks as some areas have a potential for more rising waters.
2:48 | 09/04/17

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Transcript for Neighborhoods struggle as water recedes post-Harvey
As we closely watch hurricane Irma millions of people are cleaning up from hurricane Harvey the crisis far from over. Neighborhood struggling to recover as waters recede this storm killing at least 44 people. And damaging or destroying more than a hundred in 85000 homes. ABC's Victor candor is right there on the ground in whose Houston forest yet again this morning Victor good morning to you. Good morning Dan and this is what so many neighborhoods across the region look like this morning piles of debris just lining the streets. Here it looks like there's entire bedroom set on display got the headboard bear there's a Dresser with close still coming out of it there's a big chair over there right next to it. But here's the thing in this area at least their dry we found one neighborhood west Houston that's still under water. This morning another round of mandatory evacuations for about 4600 homes. And crews order to cut power to many to reduce the risk of electrocution some. Born in the week since Morgan hit and unbelievably potential for more rising waters. Leading to a new baby from Houston's mayor to get what in your home. I'm kind you to evacuate in deer creek village in Houston water still as high as five feet up oh we took awry with the Harris county sheriff's office the army it ATF. Where they patrol looting and make sure no more rescues are needed. On the trip we can across new course neighbors. Trying to check on their flooded homes. Police you're right behind me here they're actually using whatever they can to battle once got what looks like the end of a broomstick. Can't really tell what the other parties may be part of a bed or something like that. The water has receded a little bit here if you take a look over their low quality conceived part of the water line it's gone down a few feet but. Still under its up to say at this point here maybe three or four feet of water course. Still underwater goods damaged by boat propellers residents told it may take weeks before the water police receipts seven for war tells that story. The ongoing search for residents under way. The challenging thing is we hope we don't mind body and there is simply because the water levels are high hasn't fully receded. So where we don't really know who evacuated early on didn't. And today some homeowners were able to get safely back into their house breaking apart their homes throwing all water logged materials into the street. The characters to create. This is your life. That chair right there we got from curious grandmother there's probably a hundred years. And while the rest of the country is in back to school mode Houston on major delay. 53 Houston schools with major gay region. In tweet you with extensive damage. Superintendent says an estimated ten to 121000 students would need to be temporarily moved to new schools. Those homes in west Houston could be underwater for more than a month. Then such a disaster for all those families Victor thank you.

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{"id":49606888,"title":"Neighborhoods struggle as water recedes post-Harvey","duration":"2:48","description":"More mandatory evacuations have been put in place and crews have been ordered to cut power to over 4,500 homes due to electrocution risks as some areas have a potential for more rising waters.","url":"/GMA/video/neighborhoods-struggle-water-recedes-post-harvey-49606888","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}