Neil Diamond's 'All-Time Greatest Hits' Released

Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the "GMA" Pop News Heat Index.
3:42 | 07/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Neil Diamond's 'All-Time Greatest Hits' Released
Time for "Pop news" and you hear it right there. One of the most deloved duets -- ? ? when I come through the door ? Okay, sorry. I'm sorry. ? Baby I remember -- ? I just gave you flowers ? It is one of the most incredible duets, I don't mean Michael's and mine but, of course, Neil diamond, Barbra streisand, you know the song, impossible to imagine it without Barbra belting it out but now you will hear it, go ahead, roll up. Let me tell everybody the story, recorded in 1977 as a solo for Neil diamond starting today you have the chance to hear a rare recording of that plus 22 other hits from the man who is forever in blue jeans all part of his new album released called "All-time greatest hits" coming out today exclusive from his cousin Debbie who he met on his way to airline. "Sweet Caroline." ? So good so good ? I don't even need to -- For those who don't, say bye-b bye-bye. We should ask Dan if Neil diamond wrote all these. I thought we were allies on the set here. Got you. Yeah, he did get me. He did get me. You kind of asked for that one. Is that the way it goes? Wouldn't you have George stephanopoulos fight your battles. Not when you have Michael Strahan. Michael Strahan is not a football player anymore. Buddy, you're on your own. Wow, the temperatures just dropped. ? All right, anyway, check out Neil diamond's greatest hits on sale today. Thank you for that. And then also in "Pop news," I think this is pretty good news. Going to the movies got way more comfortable. Amc announcing it's spending hundreds of millions outfitting theaters with lazy boy-type seats that will allow you to recline all the way back as you watch your film. It will mean less seats in the theater but a lot more space and comfort. Ticket prices could go up as much as $1 to $1.25. Amc is already seeing success with it. Box office revenues among the renovated theaters up 67% in the first quarter. I like that. I go the a big butt. I think it adds a not more snoring -- Fourth time you're seeing "Frozen." Amc, you have five takers right here. A man right here. Then finally, this just came up this morning. One of our staffers came into our office and you guys know I love dogs and that I'm a giant advocate for adoption. Apparently the humane society in New York appreciates my efforts and, well, they have named one of their little buddies after me. We only know this because the staffer was actually searching for a dog to adopt on the internet and came across Lara Spencer. It's a mixed breed. So that's correct. I'm a mixed -- she's blond so you're good there. So she's gentle. Ah. Trusting and adjusts well to new places and people. What about the ears, those -- The better to hear you with. I cannot protect you, Dan. I cannot protect you. She's a total lovy. If you want to adopt her, Lara Spencer is available. Check with the humane society of New York. That's "Pop news."

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{"id":24463876,"title":"Neil Diamond's 'All-Time Greatest Hits' Released","duration":"3:42","description":"Lara Spencer reports the latest news in the \"GMA\" Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/neil-diamonds-time-greatest-hits-released-24463876","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}