Neil Patrick Harris Named Man of the Year by Theatrical Society

Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.
3:00 | 02/08/14

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Transcript for Neil Patrick Harris Named Man of the Year by Theatrical Society
We should say in our defense we're not having a keg party. There is a reason why we have these solo cups. You will explain, Sara Haines. Dan provided these for us. Goer get the golden globes and oscars, Neil Patrick Harris has been named man of the year. Following in the big footsteps of Robert de Niro and Tom cruise. He was honored by being roved on stage at Harvard university. Joining in the fun, of course, in typical style, the star cast that even had a self-styled jingle from "Rent" ♪ why does the whole love world Neil Patrick Harris why does the whole wild world love doogie M.D. ♪ Hasty pudding's woman of the year is Helen mirren who impre impressed everyone with her on-stage performance of twerking. Hey, Miley, watch out. Time to break out the plastic cups with a major announcement about "Pitch perfect" part two 20. Anna Kendricks and rebel Wilson is set to reprise their roles. S of it was a huge hit and launched a top ten hit or viral cup playing craze. ♪ I got my ticket for the long way round ♪ ♪ two boughts of whiskey for the way ♪ ♪ and I sure would like some sweet company ♪ Oh, gosh, you guys. Dan's a pro. I want to see everyone's try. You do it. You show us how to do it. She knows. Dan, you've been throwing me off all morning. But it is funny you did that. You cued me up for this because I think -- oh, yeah, I just found out we some video of your cup dance. Oh. Oh, yeah. There we go. His was -- This is Dan Friday night. This is one of the only venues in which I felt a little tall. Way overdressed. Knocked the cup off the table. You said you had it done. Even in Dan's moments of looking silly he looks adorabdorable. Ladies, your days of pain over over, Victoria Beckham, the world's biggest high heel addict has officially endorsed glass shoe and shared this picture saying she's obsessed with her develop wet flats. Big news from a woman who once wore 6-inch platform sneakers to throw a pitch at dodger stadium and it's catching on. Check out this photo of Jamie king ditching her heels in L.A. I'm all for it and feel like I've been doing it for years. Eventually the trend will cycle and I'll be cool again. Music to my ears. I take my heels off as soon as I'm off. Great news for sweet tooths including Ron. We have a new flavor here to cry. Cranberry citrus crisps. What do you think? Great. You like them? Really? Absolutely. I kind of feel like if it's food you like it. Why did you ask me? You're like the mike likes it of this group. You know I'm going to like it. You're a tough critic. Ringing endorsement from Ron. Thank you. You can have my two. Ron will eat us to break. We will be right back with more "Gma." Keep it here. ] All

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{"id":22424441,"title":"Neil Patrick Harris Named Man of the Year by Theatrical Society","duration":"3:00","description":"Sara Haines reports the latest stories in the Pop News Heat Index.","url":"/GMA/video/neil-patrick-harris-named-man-year-theatrical-society-22424441","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}