New Drinking Game Linked to 5 Deaths

Neknominate encourages players to drink massive amounts then challenge others to top them.
3:00 | 02/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Drinking Game Linked to 5 Deaths
Now to the new extreme game that's catching fire on social media. It's linked to at least five deaths. It's all about creating an outrageous video and challenging others to top you and I know, Ryan, you've been following this for us. Thank you. Many neknominate. It may be putting young people in harm's way. A young people's drinking game, sweeping social media around the world. Being goaded into doing things as ridiculous as this. It's called neknominate where participants record themselves guzzling cocktails with large quantities of alcohol in odd ways then on social media nominating a friend to outdo them challenging them to go along with the game. You're being neknominated. Reporter: The challenges from the strange, this skaptsly clad woman downing a drink in a fast food restaurant. You've got 24 hours. Reporter: The bizarre. Watch this. A girl rides a horse in a shopping center and don't forget the downright scary like these two chugging hot sauce and 89% absinthe. Go. And now all over the world, young people, even teens, upping the ante and the danger in the process. This is 26-year-old Canadian Brandon see being pulled behind a car on a snowboard. Neknominations can be a good time and fun and laughs and everything until people go overboard and get hurt. Reporter: Reports say overseas five people under 30 may have died due to imbibing deadly drinks while playing the game. In this games they're sometimes mixing other things in with the alcohol and the side effects of that, you have no way to predict. Reporter: Peer pressure, playing a prominent role and now games like this becoming a trend here in the states. Neknomination is the logical extension of what's happening among our youth with drinking. Today they're running shots to get as drunk as possibly as they possibly can as quickly as they possibly can. Reporter: Will kids be able to grasp the consequences. Alcohol and teenagers can be very dangerous. They don't have a lot of experience. They don't know what their limits are and by the time they have drunk too much it's often too late. Facebook and youtube both told us that they take down videos that don't meet their guidelines but Facebook added that generally pages and videos similar to the neknomination page do not break their rules so they're saying, hey, nothing we can do on this one. These are videos that we could show. There were far worse videos out there. Young people being impregnantable. Peer pressure. It is idiotic. Please, please, think before you use social media.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Neknominate encourages players to drink massive amounts then challenge others to top them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22596466","title":"New Drinking Game Linked to 5 Deaths","url":"/GMA/video/neknominate-linked-deaths-drinking-game-dangers-22596466"}