Corey Booker Tweets 'Love' to Stripper

Newark mayor and Senate candidate faces about his Twitter conversation with a stripper.
2:13 | 09/27/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Corey Booker Tweets 'Love' to Stripper
Now, to the headlines of one of america's rising political stars, popular newark mayor and new jersey senate candidate, cory booker. Facing questions about his twitter conversation with a stripper. And abc's dan harris is here with that. Reporter: Robin, you cannot make this stuff up. What an unlikely combination. And up-and-coming politician and a stripper who works at a vegan strip club. Cory booker, mayor of newark, new jersey, and democratic candidate for a u.S. Senate seat, has aggressively cultivated an image of a hip, swashbuckling politician. His twitter account is part of that. So are his superhuman exploits, like shoveling constituents out during blizzards. But this image of a heavily-tattooed stripper from portland, oregon, this is not part of booker's plan. Her name is lynsie lee. She tweets out topless pictures and pictures of cash she earns. And released this private twitter conversation, in which she tells the mayor that the west coast loves him. The mayor who is 44 and single, says the east coast loves you. And by the east coast, I mean me. I'm blushing. It's only fair, says booker. Responding to people which i do every, single day. It's about listening to people and engaging with people. Reporter: The mayor, three weeks away from a special election in the senate race, says he communicates with thousands of people. I don't study people's profile. I've tweeted people back. It's not something I pay attention to. When somebody's kind to me, i often say thank you. Reporter: As for lee, who works at casa diablo, they serve burgers and burritos, but no meat, she says she hopes booker doesn't unfollow her. If it hurts his campaign, i will feel guilty. But I would want it to be for a viable reason. Reporter: Let's be clear. This is no anthony weiner situation. Booker didn't send raunchy pictures or explicit messages. But the timing is awkward. The senate election is next month. While he's 12 points up, the race has been tightening. Tough times.

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{"id":20393946,"title":"Corey Booker Tweets 'Love' to Stripper","duration":"2:13","description":"Newark mayor and Senate candidate faces about his Twitter conversation with a stripper.","url":"/GMA/video/newark-mayor-corey-booker-tweets-love-stripper-20393946","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}