NFL Commissioner Recorded Laughing at Concussion Joke

Roger Goodell faces potential backlash after being caught on camera apparently amused by a concussion-related joke told at a black-tie dinner.
2:42 | 12/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Commissioner Recorded Laughing at Concussion Joke
commissioner roger Goodell. He's under fire getting caught on camera laughing about concussions at a black tie dinner at the same time the league is dealing with a $1 billion settlement over concussions. Just last night, another player suffered a concussion. His second of the season. At a time when concussion dangers are at the forefront, thanks to a nearly $1 billion settlement field by the players. The league seemingly making light of the situation is not sitting well. Awkward is the word being used to describe this moment. I had a chance to sit next to the commissioner of football. Pete roselle tonight also, and -- oh, excuse me. Roger Goodell. I apologize. I had six concussions in the NFL, so. Reporter: Hall of fame NFL quarterbac roger staubach that he had run the skroek by the xhirgs in advance. He approved it. Reporter: And Goodell laughed again. This morning, some are saying concussions shouldn't be a laughing matter. There's currently a lawsuit hanging over the NFLs a head. Bernard Robertson is 1 of the more than 4500 NFL players suing the league. He fails to see the humor. Concussions aren't a laughing matter. Specifically the effects from those concussions. Reporter: And the controversy over the leek's history of dealing with the dangers is heading to the big screen Christmas day with the new movie, concussion. Repetitive head trauma choex the brain. This is inappropriate at any time. Especially now. Our interest and concerns are heightened by this issue. And the NFL commission sir laughing? Reporter: Goodell says the NFL is doing all it can to make the game safer. You know, we have done 39 rule changes over the last ten years to make our game safer. Reporter: Just this year alone, reportedly more than 150 concussions. In November, rams quarterback case Keenum hit hard in the head. Allowed back in the game. Goodell admits he didn't get proper attention. The problem we had was the appropriate medical attention wasn't given. We're trying to make changes to that. Reporter: The NFL makes no admission of guilt under the settlement. Former players don't have to show their conditions related to NFL football. We reached out to NFL about the concussion joke but did not hear back.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"Roger Goodell faces potential backlash after being caught on camera apparently amused by a concussion-related joke told at a black-tie dinner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35752809","title":"NFL Commissioner Recorded Laughing at Concussion Joke","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-commissioner-recorded-laughing-concussion-joke-35752809"}