NFL Settles Concussion Case, Now Schools Face Lawsuits

Family goes after son's university claiming deadly brain injuries could have been prevented.
2:44 | 09/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NFL Settles Concussion Case, Now Schools Face Lawsuits
We'll turn now to the growing concern over head injuries, in fact, in the sport of football. One family now speaking out after the landmark nfl settlement. They have filed a lawsuit after losing their son to brain injuries they say could have been prevented. Abc's linzie janis has their story. Reporter: Derek shealy was an academic all-star with dreams of joining the cia and dedicated football at maryland's frostburg state. I play football because it's the greatest game ever invented. Reporter: But his parents now say the sport he loved killed him. Derek was hurting, and he sought help -- he said, I wasn't feeling well. He said I have a headache. He was bleeding. And he was called names and sent back in. Time after time. Reporter: In a new lawsuit the shee lchlys say his complaints were ignored in 2011. The fullbacks on the offense were instructed to run at full speed using leading with their helmet to run into the other fullbacks and it's our understanding that these drills would be run over and over and over again oftentimes multiple times in the same day. Reporter: Derek suffered several blows to the head causing his forehead to bleed. But the sheelys say instead of being checked for a concussion he was bandaged and sent back on to the field. He was told to stop complaining, to stop being a sissy in more graphic terms than I've just used. Reporter: For days into practice another hard hit, he collapsed. He never regained consciousness. He died a week later. In one week he had sustained so much head injury, so much head trauma that he passed away from it. They beat derek up and left him there to die. Reporter: The sheelys are now suing his coach, a trainer, the ncaa and the company that made the helmet alleges egregious misconduct, false hope and a reckless disregard for player safety. While the company doesn't comment, the ncaa says it's saddened by his death but disagree. This is not about healing or comfort or money. It's about justice. It's about justice for derek. And it's about protecting other athletes. Well, abc news also reached out to the coaches and trainer but they didn't return our calls. The university which is not named in the lawsuit told us that derek's loss continues to be felt there by all those who knew him. Such a concern, especially for young people. Something we'll keep an eye on. Now to pippa middleton.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"Family goes after son's university claiming deadly brain injuries could have been prevented.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20134255","title":"NFL Settles Concussion Case, Now Schools Face Lawsuits","url":"/GMA/video/nfl-settles-concussion-case-now-schools-face-lawsuits-20134255"}