Nicki Minaj on AMA Wins, Joining 'Idol' as Judge

Superstar releases a new CD on the heels of winning two American Music Awards.
5:14 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Nicki Minaj on AMA Wins, Joining 'Idol' as Judge
We're delighted to have her back on "good morning america." You look fabulous. Thank you. You look pink. Very appropriate. Absolutely. Congratulations on your two, big wins. What was that like on sunday night? It was very surprising. All I could think about, the first award, I have to do my performance. I went up there to accept my award, I was a little bit like, you know, weirded out. But I had such a good time. And I told them, the producers AT THE AMAs, THEY TREAT EVERYONE So well. And they make us so comfortable. When you go out on stage, it feels like a family atmosphere. You hear a lot of oscar nominees talking about the oscars being nerve-racking. And the golden globes being fun. And the grammys is a completely different thing. BUT WITH THE VMAs, I FIND THAT I'M MORE ON-EDGE AT THE VMAs. BUT THE AMAs, SOMETHING ABOUT The way they do it. I don't know if it's not we're in trailers or in the dressing room. I don't know. But it feels way for more comfortable. You song a duet with justin bieber. How did that go? That was interesting. First time working with him that way? Yes. And I was surprised when they asked me to perform with him on THE AMAs. Of course, I was like, I can't turn that down. The song I just -- everybody loves the song. Okay. It will be a good thing, i guess. Watching the duet right now. You don't exactly sure about it, nicki. No. I love it. I was just looking at the body grind, the moment we did. I was, like -- we never really rehearsed it together. Really? Everything was just, like, so quick. I had rehearsals the day before. I had to go on and try on outfits. When I got up there with him, i felt like, okay. Let's make sure everything works. Right. I get my cue and I walk out That must be nerve-racking. It is. We went through it. But it wasn't like an actual full rehearsal when I had my voice in my ear and all that stuff. Tell me about the new album. It's a re-release of an album earlier this year, with seven new songs on it. Yeah. It's a re-release with the new songs. But the new songs are -- they're more like gigantic to me. It's weird that it's a re-release. But it feels like a new album to me. "Freedom" is the first single THAT WE PERFORMED AT THE AMAs. And we just dropped the video yesterday. I'm really excited about the music on this. You must be excited. And you have a new perfume. Like you don't have enough on your plate. I have to read from your press release. Musky with fruitynote, creamy vanilla, and juicy notes of star fruit, italian mandarin, caramelized pear, and woody notes. Exactly. I'm going to put some on. Absolutely. That's what it smells like. It smells nice. A warm, pretty smell. A warm, pretty smell. On top of it all, "american idol." You're going to be the tough judge. There's a new promo out by "american idol," showing you showing a little bit of tough love. Really? When did that come out? In today's papers. And some contestant says, what did you think of my song? Did you like it? And you say, no. I did? Yes. Well, it's -- I don't know. Well, you know what? I wouldn't consider myself a tough judge. I would consider myself an honest judge. Okay. That's all I'm doing. I said before, I want them to leave with the truth because i feel like the truth has always fueled me to get better. Sometimes, you know, that really doesn't help if you're going to go back and perfect your craft. They're not coming there for everyone to say, you're great. They're coming there for us to tell them how we feel. And we represent the viewers at home. There had been reports of friction on the set among judges? Yeah. Is everything okay? Yep. And I heard that you might do a duet with mariah carey? I was kidding. But she's been one of my favorite artists of all-time since I can remember. It's weird that, you know, everything was blown up like that. But it didn't make me happy at all. She knows how much I adore her. Some of my best childhood memories with my mom, are to mariah's music. I can't deny that. I can't take away what she's done. And having one of the most amazing voices in the world. Having said that, I'm an adult. And we're passion not on the set. Sometimes when you're a passionate woman, sometimes it ruffles other women's feathers. But I'm going to continue to be nicki minaj. That's why you were selected. That's why your fans love you. Congratulations on the new album, the new judging gig. We're going to be watching. Hi, baz. Thanks, nicki. Coming up, "modern family" star, rico rodriguez, takes us behind the scenes of his smash

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{"id":17767458,"title":"Nicki Minaj on AMA Wins, Joining 'Idol' as Judge","duration":"5:14","description":"Superstar releases a new CD on the heels of winning two American Music Awards.","url":"/GMA/video/nicki-minaj-interview-gma-2012-singer-american-music-17767458","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}