Chris Christie on Hurricane Sandy, Election 2012

Popular New Jersey governor discusses positive response to his handling of deadly storm.
4:38 | 01/09/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie on Hurricane Sandy, Election 2012
And Allen governor Chris Christie the Republican star is riding high in New Jersey after his passionate and -- response to hurricane sandy. And his state of the state address yesterday he laid down a challenge -- the politicians in Washington. We have established -- governing model for America but shows that even with a heartfelt beliefs. Bipartisan compromise is possible. Maybe the folks in Washington in both parties could learn something from our record here in New Jersey. And governor Chris Cristi joins us now you know that comes on top of last week's press conference where you -- very tough. On the house speaker John Boehner on the issue of sandy -- take on which he called the toxic internal politics. Of house Republicans. What specifically do you want your party in Washington to learn what I mean first off that -- -- like sandy. He is and was above politics I mean there's certain things George that happened. In our lives and have to be above politics of both -- try to rise above its horrors that his troops sometimes that's -- -- like the -- to listen. Listen to people in my state -- the people to stay in New York after suffering their hurting. And they don't understand -- they've had to wait seven times longer. But the victims of Katrina to get any aid from the federal government is still being held up to continue through I do a memo to congressional delegation mr. I'm hopeful. But -- at the end of the day it's never -- stunned you know that you've been in that town. It's never -- consulates of other -- need to keep the pressure. You want Washington to listening -- a lot in your party many members are putting out as the country continues to face his budget crisis coming up the possibility of default. In late February or march you say. Think he should go into -- even a partial government shutdown is bad. Smart politician playing with fire well I think this -- you have to use every bit of leverage you have to be able to negotiate but ultimate what people want you do is get things done. He -- -- the vulnerability on the -- and George what I think you have to do is you'll you have all sorts of tools available to you we sit down and negotiating table. Fact of the matter is everybody has to come to table -- wanting to come to an agreement ultimately. And that's -- -- doing in New Jersey for the last three years I have a democratic legislature we're always agree on everything and we'll see some things publicly sometimes we have to back away from a little bit. But the reason you do that's because we've trusting relationships. With the leaders of the Democrats in the legislature when we sit down at the table they know if I told him to do something a bit to do it -- -- -- won't I won't. And they know that I wanna come to an agreement with that because sentiment job one of your potential opponents for governor next year in this year. Criticize your failure yesterday in the state of the statements to take on the issue. Gun control you've called for a national conversation. Why not talk about it yesterday while -- -- -- picks into our talk about in in his state of the state address and I really thought that given what's happened to our state. But the majority of time should be spent -- talking about sandy. What it's done to work state and the challenge -- enormous challenges that we have been rebuilding. And so you look pretty tough talk about a lot of other issues I -- talk about my tax cut proposal yesterday I had -- -- our plans for a number of other issues. On reforming government. He makes certain choices but no I don't think the people New Jersey -- you don't hear from me enough. They hear from young musician on that issue what do you think should happen right now of course the president waiting here from vice president Biden's task force next week we saw. Gabby Giffords -- at yesterday's leading in national effort. To prevent a gun violence you said you've raised questions about the idea from the NRA but -- an armed guard. In every school but what do you think should happen right now in the wake of this tragedy into I think we have to talk about all the all the aspects of why we're seeing this kind of outbreak of violence our -- sure that we have to -- controls -- -- that New Jersey is the second toughest gun control laws -- American -- in New York. We have some sort of assault weapons Spansion whole country have won -- we have one here in -- so I think that that's going to be part of the entire conversation but if you stop there George you're shortchanging the problem. This young -- -- he was obviously mentally ill. Why was -- getting treatment everyone's going to be watching closely over the next four years as -- So what are the prospects of a Chris Christie Hillary Clinton presidential race in 2016 you know -- -- as good as the prospects of anybody else against anybody else who know maybe you trust the clip for your throughout George. You know is he's crazy I think the fact the matter is -- a follow the advice -- gave me. Which is to do the job that you have -- -- Dell's -- you can do it and your future take care of itself. And I'm more performers -- -- jerseys or serve for four more years as governor Richard CM. -- know the call comes in 2016 you'll be ready elusive. I would be more ready that I was in 2012 because it will -- -- job for longer hopefully gotten better. But again that'll be decision you know me America how to make a bit from when the time comes but we're wanna do now is new governor New Jersey as a sit for the last three years I wouldn't do for the next four. Thanks for coming in this morning happy to be here to -- --

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{"id":18167870,"title":"Chris Christie on Hurricane Sandy, Election 2012","duration":"4:38","description":"Popular New Jersey governor discusses positive response to his handling of deadly storm.","url":"/GMA/video/nj-governor-chris-christie-hurricane-sandy-relief-election-18167870","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}