NJ Train Crash Survivor Describes the Scene

Passenger Corey Futterman says the scene in the aftermath of the crash was "chaos."
2:21 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ Train Crash Survivor Describes the Scene
And Georgia at a turnout according fireman he was in what the last cars on that train that plowed into the station quarry. Thankfully you are uninjured not injured you're in one of last cards can you please tell us what you experience Couri. Well we were lucky we just loved Secaucus. And that's where about half or not more than half restraint I would treat confident at all the cards to current review. New York tan bark we were perjury Hoboken and this tree did not seem to be slowing down whatsoever. Com and then all of a sudden the cars just everything just crash shook. So here they mean we know what happen that's what happened. A tractor was there any good it was unusual that was happening before you're entering the station. Enough I mean spirited going a little quicker than expected. We were not slowing. And you felt that you march that he felt that you weren't slowing before you got to the station. And did you just describe what you were seeing as this was happening in the in the aftermath quarry cotton. Currently sit in. It could it is described to us what you saw once the impact took place. Well in my car the biggest thing I was having what someone drop the wallet for nothing but the shaking nothing really happened the bad in my car. Humble when you got out I immediately felt like the roof caved in and the car we're on top of the platform. And deal was there was. Why are everywhere. Total destruction inside of the and we chaos people are freaking out you were crying people's faces and we're bluntly. And we Hummer got never before. I'm sure I'm sure you have it and where you all receiving any assistance by anybody. Walt not hurt or injured but what like. They've. People were assisting anyone who was thought we were just kind of being. Arnold away from the scene and outside the way so that medical personnel on the first responders. Could could get through this scene. We'll Korea again we're very grateful that you were not injured and we appreciate you. Telling us your perspective of what happened you take care and turned it Duchardt I would brushed thinking.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Passenger Corey Futterman says the scene in the aftermath of the crash was \"chaos.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42446671","title":"NJ Train Crash Survivor Describes the Scene","url":"/GMA/video/nj-train-crash-survivor-describes-scene-42446671"}