NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station, Up to 100 Injured

A NJ Transit commuter train crashed into Hoboken Terminal, injuring up to 100 people.
1:56 | 09/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station, Up to 100 Injured
Passenger train built right into the Hoboken station and you see these pictures showing the devastation. At the scene. And there are some reports that people are still trapped. Now here's what we know right now train crashed into the June New Jersey Hoboken station just before 9 AM during rush hour. More than a hundred people. Are thought to be injured passengers are being evacuated service. Is now suspended. In and out of a Hoboken terminal and investigators are heading to the scene this crash taking place just seven miles outside of New York City. And the train hitting the right between the waiting. Area and the platform toward right into the station money ABC's Brett milking on the phone and Brad. Here about a block away from the station. That's right George this street could have littered with ambulances and fire strike out not just from Hoboken about. Surrounding town I guess spoke no woman who would in the first. Car all of that strain she said that you attack. I think minding her business didn't know there's been a usual and all the sudden the train crashed into the plot but let's at a bit. Yet people want it bought the car and that's what you started to see the blood arteries she said that you saw a woman like that look like they've been that heard. The conductor came out of that first target base with bloody. And you get people were screaming the lights were dark with error by a neck and emergency workers at the Asia and bound her art and escorting people that are sort. And and and Brad do you know if if there are people still trapped in for some of those reports people so trapped inside the station. Not that I'd seen it but we've seen people now loaded in ambulance. And so they're being taken away but we're not able to help people build advocates want it that I would beat you do. That David it's unbelievable but this that human devastation that you speak to get cheap seat Bedford and see that there are likely still people they're just because of how many people there were quick answer. Right more than a hundred engine that is first Fort Bragg rusty thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:56","description":"A NJ Transit commuter train crashed into Hoboken Terminal, injuring up to 100 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42446547","title":"NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station, Up to 100 Injured","url":"/GMA/video/nj-transit-train-crashes-station-100-injured-42446547"}