Former NFL star opens up about starring in 'Crown Heights'

The football star-turned-actor discusses his new film, and his family life with wife Kerry Washington.
3:09 | 08/24/17

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Transcript for Former NFL star opens up about starring in 'Crown Heights'
Test Text1 underline All right. It's time for "Good morning America's" drive-in and we have a very special guest joining us. We want to bring him in now. There you go. Big welcome to former NFL star now star of a new film called "Crown heights," nnamdi asomugha, everybody. Great to see you. Coming in style. I know. You guys got this for me. It's not a parting gift. I appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you very much for being here. I want to tell everybody about the film called "Croqn heights." Won the audience award at sundance. Yeah. Very powerful movie that tells the true story of Colin Warner wrongly accused of a crime. He spent 21 years in jail. You play his best friend who spent all that have time working so hard to get him out. Yeah. Let's take a look. Why you keep wasting your time on me? That's not just about you. It's bigger than that. It could be me in here. There's a little sneak peek of "Crown heights" and I know, nnamdi, you said this hit close to home, this role. Yeah, it did for me when I was a kid I was arrested twice, both times for things I didn't do so I felt like playing him I could have a voice for the issue and I'm doing that now. Karl king is the best friend who fights so hard for his friend wrongly accused put in jail but it wasn't -- you didn't want to play Karl. You wanted to play the lead. I wanted to play the lead. It was the meaty role. You got to go for it? But our director Matt said I know you're a football player and not an arc, so, no, no, it's not happening then I asked if I could play Karl and like a month later he let me audition so -- This whole acting thing is pretty -- a remarkable story, if you will. If you dream it, you can have it. This guy, 11 seasons in the NFL, all pro player. Doing a Nike commercial and essentially you get discovered. Yeah, the Nike commercial. Finished doing it. Went back to mn trailer and the director said I think you're really gifted, you should look into this when you finish playing and I'm like, okay and three months later I get a call from my agent saying that director wants to put you in his TV show and he said the TV show is "Friday night lights". Oh, that little thing. The director Peter berg, one of those moments that pushed me into it. You got to believe in faith in those moments. Yeah. You're a football player with a really great career. How do you think the NFL has prepared you for life in Hollywood as both a producer and an actor? It's proposed me in a lot of ways. I think just the preparation that it takes to be good at anything. I think bringing that from the NFL to acting, I think, is huge and then just the ups and downs you go through in front of the public, you know, just makes your skin thick and that's what you need. Thick skin, absolutely. Would you give your wife Kerry Washington from "Scandal" a big, giant hug from her number one gladiator. I will. Congratulations on "Crown heights." Awesome to have you here. Enjoy the ride. Do I get to keep this? "Crown heights" in select theaters and part of the proceeds go to the innocence project so check it out and

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"The football star-turned-actor discusses his new film, and his family life with wife Kerry Washington. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49391142","title":"Former NFL star opens up about starring in 'Crown Heights'","url":"/GMA/video/nnamdi-asomugha-opens-starring-crown-heights-49391142"}