Nor'easter Dumps Heavy, Wet Snow

Nearly 800 flights were canceled the day before Thanksgiving.
2:28 | 11/27/14

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Transcript for Nor'easter Dumps Heavy, Wet Snow
Then there is ginger in philly, the oldest parade in the country and let's start with ginger who has been tracking all of that holiday weather making it so difficult for so many Americans to get home on this holiday. Ginger, good morning to you. A better day in philly. Oh, so much better. Even on the train down here we saw several of those accidents and obviously this morning it is so much nicer and we are much more festive. The energy is up. The temperatures are down but it is nothing like this. Look at the Numbers. Some reaching 0 inch, more than eight states a foot or more of snow. One, two, three, go. Up to 20 inches of fresh snow, dangerously coating those holiday roads from north Carolina to Maine. Just trying to be safe, getting to Massachusetts. Nearly 800 canceled flights. Started down the runway and we got shut down. We keep getting texts it's delayed. Reporter: The season's first major snowstorm in the northeast. Striking at just about the worst possible time. I plan to be in north Carolina. Reporter: Snow piling up, branches and power lines coming down leaving hundreds of thousands with cold homes and warm refrigerators. I think probably all of my food now is going to need to be thrown out. Reporter: In Des Moines, Iowa, the whipping winds sending snow sideways and cars off the road. And back east, check out this time-lapse video, Poughkeepsie getting 10 inches in just 9 hours. It's heavy snow. It's not good. Reporter: Let me assure you with the map of how quickly this thing has moved out drying out and, yes, you may see flurries in some places but looking at the map there. The Numbers with this is going to be cold, all right. We'll be in the 30s for a lot of folks. Philadelphia for a high of 42 but it's going to feel a lot more chilly than that. Morning windchills all the way back to business mark and Minneapolis, yeah, that is subzero so one question that I -- my friend Paul operating our audio says why can't Thanksgiving be in April? It's a great question, Paul. I think something we need to answer but for now we'll look at that forecast and I'll be here throughout the parade with so much fun coming up, maybe in April we'll look again at temperatures. Let's get back to Dan and Amy. Take it up with the pilgrims. Thank you, ginger. They're responsible for the calendar where that falls on the calendar. Thank you, ginger.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Nearly 800 flights were canceled the day before Thanksgiving.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"27216157","title":"Nor'easter Dumps Heavy, Wet Snow","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-dumps-heavy-wet-snow-27216157"}