Winter Storm Blasts Northeast With High Winds, Snow

Snow's falling an inch an hour from New York to Boston.
2:09 | 03/08/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Winter Storm Blasts Northeast With High Winds, Snow
-- big news today the latest on the nor'easter bringing waves of snow strong wind and water from the Atlantic into New England. It is slippery it's dangerous. This morning for those commuting into work Sam is tracking all the very latest Sam good morning -- Good morning Amy and the final flop of this two day nor'easter is this pick -- now. Now you can see -- New York City on the road service -- it's not really sticking just yet because these roads are still fairly warm. But let me take you to a lot of places where this snow is sticking bawling about an inch an hour. About this and -- they'll new York and Westchester -- you can see it already beginning to come down and stick on those services and -- in those areas we've got about seven. Seven and a half inches of snow in some of those locations there -- New York out on Long Island -- is one of the places that -- Pounded by this storm. The winds continue to roll in off the coast and also now this now we've had those rough waves as well. Tell -- the Huntington area we've got three to pour into this now. They'll be additional snow there and Boston in -- area to work up toward the -- getting the -- of the coastal water -- he has been an area just near Boston good morning ginger. Taking money that we're hearing need and then it got 58 inches and look at the -- -- covered in the isn't just the last couple of dollars now I couldn't make it that's sneaking -- little -- than normal. Roads roads are closed at a lot out there. Aren't here yeah. For up to -- or -- It popped out at that huge snowstorm -- and -- it's. They're ten inches above average before this -- They're gonna have a surplus this year -- -- they have. Per -- did you give that man that here. All right let's look at the radar will show you how this is really isolated and -- tight and wound up this storm is by the way just spreading Snowe from Maine. All the way in the New York State when you look at what the totals are going to be it's not a lot in southern areas but it is a lot once you get outside of Boston in that area shaded -- an additional two to four inches on top of that. Seven inches that are already there -- a lot of locations and then look at the winds here. They do relax they do fall back later on today. After about 10 o'clock in the morning we're gonna see this. The sun come up here that some will get through the clouds will start to melt the snow that than those areas and the -- -- down a little bit by later on in the afternoon.

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{"id":18682089,"title":"Winter Storm Blasts Northeast With High Winds, Snow","duration":"2:09","description":"Snow's falling an inch an hour from New York to Boston.","url":"/GMA/video/noreaster-winter-storm-northeast-blasted-high-winds-snow-18682089","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}