Nuclear Weapons 101: How to Launch a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Take a tour of a nuclear launch site with the U.S. Air Force unit that controls it.
3:00 | 03/25/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nuclear Weapons 101: How to Launch a Weapon of Mass Destruction
I'm Martha Raddatz for on the radar for ABC news and Yahoo! News I am standing. Outside a nuclear missile silo essentially ten feet below me is a nuclear warhead attached to a missile. -- like Wheeler. -- -- is it's a different animal -- I would say they come home. Going underground -- -- -- time without seeing daylight is an experienced colleague here. Finger -- -- essentially. It's not necessarily with our finger on the button if we were ever to get directions in the present -- United States to actually -- our mission and actually launch from missiles. There are certain procedures that we take. That ensure that those authorized sound commands from president. That message. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So while I -- -- and. -- -- -- it so what we see here is basically. The last stages before -- watch this is where our missile operators are able to monitor the status. Of the wants facilities within their squadron as well as -- communications. Messages. For their higher authority communication system. This is where crew members will provide the -- -- to eventually send a -- perhaps don't want facility and wants wants my eyes again and hopefully knocked. Hopefully hopefully not. Hamas opinion I would guarantee that. Ever -- where would hope they never have to actually fulfill their mission as we have been directed -- hard because you've never really -- -- you mentioned you train for all these years and then it's like we don't wanna do that and we understand that. Implications of what's. These weapons can do. -- -- -- -- With that said if we did get direction from the president that we needed to launch would carry out those orders. As as director -- The answer is looking -- Yeah it -- TE -- -- big green. So this is really where it wouldn't have given him. Okay I'm very -- did it in that particular switch easier with the deputy commander -- And then we can actually gets inserted into that -- -- -- the commander turned back and this monstrous with the total war. Fort Lewis which -- -- systems before it passed -- procedures differently to. Do you think every day a serious campuses. Removing them. Yeah. Here and -- yeah. Yeah. -- In terms of when you think about what your mission is the simplest terms for all of us to understand. What you mission. Our mission is to provide the president with an option. To launch nuclear weapons. If he wants to utilize us we're always here. Do you think about the fact that these missiles could destroy and kill it. It -- a weapon the most of mass destruction. Yes and I think most of us here and think about it's every time we're on alert there is a very high sense. I -- nervous is when you're on -- always always being ready to pay attention because these -- nuclear weapons and they are. Massive and -- Just got to give -- -- these are pretty scary and you are the people who were down here was here. Switch or alternative to make that happen. That's when -- sentencing is actually wants as his accomplice. -- -- -- you might sound and by. Lawler 32. 10 yeah. You know it's never happened before and we've never launched a land based missile. For hostile reasons. Do you think about the what is or is that just look right I can mean banks never even happened to -- -- doesn't make junior -- I actually think about what ads on the Larry I hope it never has to happen and I think the rest of us do as well. That's it for on the radar for ABC news in Yahoo! News I'm Martha Raddatz in pine bluffs Nebraska. You can follow me on Twitter -- Martha Raddatz. Have a great day.

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{"id":23058218,"title":"Nuclear Weapons 101: How to Launch a Weapon of Mass Destruction","duration":"3:00","description":"Take a tour of a nuclear launch site with the U.S. Air Force unit that controls it.","url":"/GMA/video/nuclear-weapons-101-launch-weapon-mass-destruction-23058218","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}