NYC Artist Paints Colorful Portraits of 'GMA' Anchors

Artist and 'GMA' fan, Tripp Derrick, created special portraits for Lara, Josh and Sam.
3:23 | 08/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Artist Paints Colorful Portraits of 'GMA' Anchors
Derek is sizing your artists and you know you've created something for us Anderson yes I have Tommy little bit about it OK well somewhat -- -- Plug -- keeps I think it was last agreement on the greens being. Fell off the value plus oh yes you were on every at Villa yeah during it was during your version of shark made I don't know -- -- You. Can't -- that I was in shark made that was a scene from the movie -- oh yeah. It was officially in -- NATO but didn't she fell off the box and drink yeah. I was working a bus and -- and I like I've got to do something important so what what did you do I hate that we are -- are right -- it's beautiful so what what you're inspired realize. They don't report -- you know luckily. That's a great -- Josh you are talented young -- I think Josh has really nice. Only flash that's really -- hated him like trash wow you guys with -- column. You can really tell you -- at any time to time until next little and we would. You can have my yeah yeah. -- look so much alike anyway general. The fact that you captured the subtleties of how Larry and I are different yeah my ankle just think where the same time. Yeah yeah we've never been seen in the same plays in -- the kinds of things on this show right now and -- Johnson is no. Here is here we're gonna get over it it's gonna make you feel better bet it did tell me a little bit about your process so I can see that you work with in the bright color backgrounds of the black and white. I'll start off -- -- backgrounds first okay so -- -- lay out -- like twelve campuses and I'll start throwing paint literally right out of city in the basement of my apartment complex on the sort of throwing things. Candidates like collects and then. Charlie design hope your faces so like gothic fiction and -- designed to face using the Photoshop and I can -- -- the stencil the and in offline on the canvas after I think that. Think about the background backgrounds to your dry that's the real I love it slayer -- -- -- -- -- -- -- calling you do to mixed media McKinney note there -- is our acrylic. It was it was a wonderful wonderful wonderful surprise for us the the other thing I'm looking at now we knew when you look at Lara as background and you see that it's like. Here you're throwing meaning to him this new thinking -- you're gonna Polaris -- there it's like I'm happy you're throwing it into the. Yes hello and then I can get -- and then all the sudden though you get to mean you're like -- Angry you know. -- calm the angry callers on the stem cell grouchy and -- be -- -- Does that does that there's -- -- colors of anger I see. Take it back to tell him I don't know how they -- I haven't the we have a running joke with and the -- Rauch yeah one he's he's it's true though it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You loved fashion yourself. The truth and that you are the one that we can count on Carlisle. All right all right -- -- Trip Derrick Byars -- ladies and gentlemen a trip where we find your work not eating -- -- -- -- here I PP underscore art. Heading in a website which is -- -- about how our economy was somewhat isn't my I don't know I don't know I pop immune Indiana. The fact that you sir are such a fan that you would take your precious time to create I guess I'm this very yeah thank you so much yeah yeah.

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{"id":20000627,"title":"NYC Artist Paints Colorful Portraits of 'GMA' Anchors","duration":"3:23","description":"Artist and 'GMA' fan, Tripp Derrick, created special portraits for Lara, Josh and Sam.","url":"/GMA/video/nyc-artist-paints-colorful-portraits-gma-anchors-20000627","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}