Federal Authorities to Closely Monitor NYPD Choking Case

Eric Garner's family will hold funeral as the investigation into the incident continues.
1:50 | 07/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal Authorities to Closely Monitor NYPD Choking Case
To the fallout from the new York City man who died after an alleged choke hold by police. Federal authorities are now closely monitoring the case as the victim, Eric garner, will be laid to rest today. ABC's Ron Claiborne has that story. Reporter: It is this dramatic video now causing some dramatic changes. A suspect arrested and later dying. Stop. Reporter: Now the New York City police commissioner announcing the retraining of all 35,000 officers in arrest procedures and the use of force. There will be a retraining of every member of the New York City police department in the week, months and potential years ahead. Reporter: The top to bottom review was ordered in the wake of last Thursday's incident and the alleged use of a choke hold to subdue 43-year-old Eric garner, suspected of selling illegal cigarettes. They are making it clear that a choke hold is a banned procedure. They are also making it clear that we've got to come up with alternatives. Reporter: This move comes as the FBI and U.S. Justice department have begun monitoring the circumstances of garner's arrest and death. Already, one officer, this man, has been stripped of his badge and gun and assigned to a desk job. Come on. Reporter: Now four paramedics who responded to the scene after garner collapsed are suspended without pay by their superiors while reviewing their actions. Two police sergeants present at his arrest said that garner did not appear to be in great stress and that his condition did not seem serious. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. Reporter: The father of six died about an hour later. Last night a vigil in Staten island. Later today, garner's funeral. For "Good morning America," I'm Ron Claiborne, ABC news, new York.

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{"id":24674441,"title":"Federal Authorities to Closely Monitor NYPD Choking Case","duration":"1:50","description":"Eric Garner's family will hold funeral as the investigation into the incident continues.","url":"/GMA/video/nypd-choking-case-eric-garners-death-closely-monitored-24674441","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}