NYPD Officer's Offer to Homeless Man Goes Viral

Photo of Lawrence DiPrimo offering barefooted homeless man shoes, socks inspires Internet users.
1:57 | 11/30/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD Officer's Offer to Homeless Man Goes Viral
Look at the pictures of what happened on the night of NOVEMBER 14th. He saw a man, homeless, with no shoes on a very cold night. He went inside and brought him brand-new boots. Those pictures have rippled across the world. AND officer DePrimo is here with us right now. This has gone everywhere. 500,000 likes on facebook. Millions of views. You couldn't have imagined that that quiet act of kindness was going to be seen around the world. I really didn't. It was surprising to me. I was sitting at home, eating dinner with my family, when i first noticed -- a friend brought it to my attention. He said viral online. You look and there's thousands of comments and likes. It's a powerful thing. It happened right here on this corning, as I said, the NIGHT OF NOVEMBER 14th. There's thousands of homeless people across new york city every night. What was it about this man that moved you? Basically, when I remember that night, it was extremely cold. To look down at this gentleman's feet and see he had no socks. When he told me he never had a pair of shoes, my heart went out to him. And you went right inside sketchers. I had to run ahead of him. I don't care what it costs. This gentleman needs a pair of shoes. They were able to help me out. You went beyond that. A lot of people buy things for others in need. Give money to charity. You actually knelt down and put the socks and shoes on his feet. That is the most humble and kind act. It was a great moment. I'm glad that jennifer was able to take the picture. I didn't know she was there. You had no idea, right? I had no clue anybody was there. The first thing I thought was, I'll be having this the rest of my career. But it was cold. I didn't want him doing it himself. I just knelt down. I didn't think anything of it. I just put the socks and the shoes on. You have set an amazing example for so many this holiday season. Thank you. And thanks for coming in.

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{"id":17846509,"title":"NYPD Officer's Offer to Homeless Man Goes Viral","duration":"1:57","description":"Photo of Lawrence DiPrimo offering barefooted homeless man shoes, socks inspires Internet users.","url":"/GMA/video/nypd-officer-homeless-man-photo-viral-lawrence-diprimo-17846509","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}