Obama Apologies for 'Sexist' Remark Made in Public

President admits wrongdoing after calling Kamala Harris the nation's "best-looking attorney general"
2:49 | 04/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obama Apologies for 'Sexist' Remark Made in Public
It is better way to face that provoked a presidential apology to White House saying sorry after the president called. -- -- Harris the nation's best looking attorney general was this. -- -- stores -- -- being blown out of proportion AB c.'s Q Benitez. Is here with the story good morning -- good morning Dan good morning -- -- up. This has sparked quite the debate across the country but as you're about to see the president seems to like complementing people on their looks. He's done it many times before. The anger aimed at the president this morning -- -- during a closed door fund raiser Thursday. Were President Obama praised California's attorney general Pamela Harris she is brilliant and she is dedicated and she is tough he said. But that shout turned into a controversy when he added this she also happens to be by for the best looking attorney general in the country. Now that's being called quote sexist. If you have a powerful man is it okay for him to say to a last powerful woman in front of a group of people you look really great. Today. It rings -- -- OK yeah. The president called -- to apologized Thursday night you know he believes and fully recognizes challenge when women continue to face in the workplace and that they should not be judged. Based on appearance it's not the first time the president has called -- powerful person good looking. In fact he does little lot the Hud secretary very good looking guy on the front here. The secretary of the navy. There is love it. The good look at. The sons of Israel's prime minister. They're very good looking young men and of course the First Lady how good -- of my life. I. But this time some people were offended and the president did what presidents rarely do. He said I'm sorry this president basically said an -- in the sense that it now and that's. To apologize even her saying something that was not -- -- that Paramount. And the attorney general's office -- the president and -- are good friends and she still supports them but her spokesman said. Didn't say if Harris accepts his apology and -- -- a rare. Miss stepped in verbally by the First Lady is well let's let it happen. During a local TV interview on Thursday take a look. As eighty busy single mother. -- -- I should say single as a busy mother. Sometimes it you know when you've got the husband is president can feel safe. Q do you think that was in response to him calling ms. Harris. Talk about urban yeah I don't believe you told him I thought I could civilians -- find anything can happen on live TV we know that I sat. And good looking GO but he does think he's here -- a lot of credit holidays coming -- -- -- other -- is putting out a statement later in the morning.

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{"id":18895517,"title":"Obama Apologies for 'Sexist' Remark Made in Public","duration":"2:49","description":"President admits wrongdoing after calling Kamala Harris the nation's \"best-looking attorney general\"","url":"/GMA/video/obama-apologies-sexist-remark-made-public-18895517","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}