Obamacare Website Glitches: Should Sebelius Step Down?

Secretary of Health and Human services has defied calls to step down.
1:23 | 10/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Obamacare Website Glitches: Should Sebelius Step Down?
everyone I insulted. Jim, thanks. We're going to stay in washington and the problems with the health care website. The president having a hard time getting rid of the glitches and the critics. Reporter: That health and human services kathleen sebelius. She is under fire. And an interview she gave to cnn overnight, will not help. She refused to say how many signed up so far for the health insurance. And had a real hard time explaining why the website rollout has gone so bad. Right now, we've asked all of our contractors to look at their teams on the ground and bring in their absolute a-team. I'm confident that is happening every day. Three weeks, bring your a-team into this equation. We would hope they would have their a-team on the table. I'M TALKING TO CEOs AND URGING Them to make sure we have the talent that they have available. Reporter: Sebelius was asked directly twice if she offered to resign. She refused to answer that question. The white house says they have the full confidence in sebelius. And he doesn't intend to fire anybody. But the white house facing calls to delay implementation of the act. Maybe increasing the deadlines. Any movement there? Reporter: Absolutely not. They are confident that people will have time to get enrolled in time. We're going to begin with a

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{"id":20654461,"title":"Obamacare Website Glitches: Should Sebelius Step Down?","duration":"1:23","description":"Secretary of Health and Human services has defied calls to step down.","url":"/GMA/video/obamacare-website-glitches-kathleen-sebelius-defies-calls-step-20654461","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}