Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Reveals Secret Life

The three-time Olympic athlete speaks out live about her mental illness and life as a high-priced Las Vegas escort.
6:54 | 09/14/15

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Transcript for Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Reveals Secret Life
And this morning's hot button. A shocking story of the olympic athlete leading a double life as a high-priced escort in Vegas. This story is unbelievable. Suzy favor Hamilton was an olympic champion. She was battling intense perm demons. She's speaking out in a memoir called "Fast girl, a life spent an iness thacan cause cohing, cht pain, diffulty brehing, D may ev put you T inpiheos Au yove lren eanaacbeteci wi another Prev®nar ovide adtional ptection. Prevnar ® is us indults 50nd old erto HP enprevinfectiofrom3 strainof the bteria that cause pnmococcalneumonia U shou rldot eceipr 13r Na® yife avseouvere allerg reaction the vacne its ingdients. You have weaken imne system U hay ma a loweresponse to T vaccine Common side effectwere Pai rednesor the injtion sit Tigue, hdache, mcle or jointain, LE appetite chills,r rash. Ne de. Ask youroctor orharmacis Abt Prevna13® tod. Here's what's coming up on our "Gma morning menu." More T 100 million American suffer from pain. This morning, the new Vegas with a call girl. I kind of felt like, why isn't everybody else doing this? Reporter: Then decided to become an escort herself. That lightbulb moment, why shouldn't I get paid for sex. Reporter: Her double life came crashing down when she was outed by the smoking gun. And Suzy is joining us. Welcome to "Good morning America." Thank you so much for having me here. Of course. I want to get right to the smoking gun. So they out you. Did you think you could have gone on with this? Had you not gotten caught, would you have continued? Absolutely. I hadn't been diagnosed as bipoerl yet. Without a doubt, why would I want to leave this manic high? That I was in? It was a fabulous high that you I'm feeling. You talk about that manic high in such great detail in the book. And, the book deals with difficult subject matter. Not just the contrast between your incredible running career and your life as a high-priced escort. But also, the bipolar disorder that was driving you to it. Right. It's a disease that you can't see. And, for me, I -- I honestly was shocked when I was diagnosed with it. I didn't see myself as being supertalkative. With this high energy. I didn't see the signs of it. Did your husband see the signs? In looking back now, obviously he can put everything together. It makes sense. But when you were in it and spiraling? Not at all. Not at all. You're so candid about your brother, Dan who died from suicide, also suffered from bipolar disorder. What is your hope for readers of the book? What is the message? I want people to understand mental illness. We can't see it like a broken arm. But everybody has issues in their life. Mental illness can destroy lives. Relationships. I think we need to speak out. There's help available. But more people have to reach for that help. And I want to show also, that, we should not feel shame for our bizarre behaviors that stem from this illness. Absolutely. In the book, you talk about your, the pressures of being one of the most celebrated runners in ncaa history. Three times at the olympics. You're a real estate agent. You're a mom. Madison, Wisconsin. And yet you have this other life that all started with an anniversary trip. Your 20th anniversary. You and your husband go the Vegas and you made a decision that really changed everything. Right. You know, I -- I hadn't been diagnosed at this time. And, when we made a decision to go to Vegas, and the risky, the crazy things that we did, jumping out of an airplane, the sexual experience that we had in Vegas, after that, my bipolar really started to develop, which I didn't know I had. It brought on this hypers hypersexuality that was a running from madness." That's out this morning. Suzy joins us. But first, her story. Reporter: She was the golden girl of the running world. Olympian Suzy favor Hamilton seemed to visit all. I won nine ncaa titles. Reporter: Until her treatment Ar totestd dishmini. In 2000 in Sydney, Hamilton doing theunthinkable. She's fallen down. Reporter: Sabotaging her last gold. Iante wd to vanish. I told myself just fa.ll I Mel immeateldiy. It happened like that. Reporter: Married to her collegeeart, sh E started a real estate business and a family. The darkness loomed. Leading to a night if the hypersexuality. I call mist more level. I don't know what level is because I've always been used to this high. It's hard. So my vices to keep me sane and happy are yoga. Working out. I need an intense workout. Running hard. Racing people on the streets. When I'm in California. So something that really helps to bring out that high. I think it's crucial for somebody with bipolar. The book is fascinating. And var brave. Thank you. Just unflinching in how honest you are. It was difficult. Because I share everything. I know this is a difficult book for my family and the people I have hurt with my behavior in Vegas. And, that hurts me still. It's something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. But something to remember, Christine Brennan said, of all of your achievements on the track, this might be the greatest one with all the people that can help. You know, with the "20/20" interview, when I heard that, I started crying. That gives me the strength to keep fighting and hopefully, my story will give people with mental illness the strength to reach out, to get help, and not be shamed of mental illness. Our society needs to change. We need to help. Yeah. Suzy, thank you so much. The name of the book is "Fast girl, a life spent running from madness." It's available now.

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{"duration":"6:54","description":"The three-time Olympic athlete speaks out live about her mental illness and life as a high-priced Las Vegas escort.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33742031","title":"Former Olympian Suzy Favor Hamilton Reveals Secret Life","url":"/GMA/video/olympian-suzy-favor-hamilton-reveals-secret-life-33742031"}