Olympic Athletes Complain of Living Conditions in Rio

Athletes, as well as journalists, are sharing stories and photos of what they describe as unsanitary and unlivable accommodations at the Olympic Village.
2:26 | 08/03/16

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Transcript for Olympic Athletes Complain of Living Conditions in Rio
Speaking of the olympics, all eyes are Henri Joe. The opening ceremony kicking off in just two days and athletes say accommodations less than ideal. Now some competitors are even forgoing olympic village altogether. T.j. Holmes is here with the latest. Good morning, teej. These athletes for months have been warned about zika. They've been warned about security in Rio and warned about filthy water and now, oh, by the way, your toilets are clogged. This is an embarrassment for Rio. Athletes are showing up expecting the competition to be brutal not the living quarters. Olympic athletes headed to Rio bring your "A" game and possibly your own shower curtain as athletes and journalists start to move in, stories and pictures are coming out about what some describe as unsanitary, unlivable and incomplete accommodations at the olympic village. It really looks like construction site where things are almost done but not quite. The U.S. Olympic committee did quietly bring in a cleanup crew, a fix-it crew to deal with some of the issues. We've heard about with other nations. NBA star Andrew Bogut playing for his native Australia treed this photo of him in his room putting together a shower curtain so we can shower and not flood the place. One journalist gave a tour of his room highlighting the shower describing it as a hole in the wall where water comes out. You can still have a shower but far from ideal. Reporter: While others highlighted exposed wiring, leaky pipes and clogged toilets. Security is also a concern after the Australian team was robbed during a fire. The games are an extraordinary undertaking and there are still questions about if Rio is up to the task. Reporter: But the usa men's basketball team made up of millionaire superstars like Kevin Durant and consider mellow Anthony, this is where they'll slum it chartering a luxury cruise ship complete with a wraparound deck, a pool and even a cigar lounge. Now, to be fair it's only onesie gar lounge. I mean -- three week, onesie gar lounge. You do have any connections? I'm going to be putting in some calls but to be fair the women's basketball team is staying there, as well. Don't put it just on the men for taking this spot. No one is giving them a problem. It's a great idea. You're heading -- Yes, I'm heading there and actually I'm going to be handing my hotel room off to T.J., I think, we'll tag team. At the airport we'll high-five it. Please tell me you got a good hotel. Our "A" team is there.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Athletes, as well as journalists, are sharing stories and photos of what they describe as unsanitary and unlivable accommodations at the Olympic Village.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41087719","title":"Olympic Athletes Complain of Living Conditions in Rio","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-athletes-complain-living-conditions-rio-41087719"}